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A Talk with Giselle is a consulting service designed to help you gain insights on how to turn your idea from concept to reality. This product is highly recommended as the first stop here on the avenue. This is a deep dive into your big picture goal so we can strategize the best pathway to success.

I offer a variety of professional consulting services on topic areas such as brand strategy, blogging, project management, legal business formation, and on-demand content solutionsI’ve been able to create the life I want and I want to see you do the same. It’s time to  take intentional action.


Founder, Giselle Ave.

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What Clients Are Saying

How did you meet Giselle?

I met Giselle about 10 years ago! I was a senior in high school and went to visit my best friend in college. GiGi was there full of charisma and fun!

What did you learn from our talk?

Giselle confirmed for me that the reason I was feeling uncomfortable in my employment was because I was not operating in my passion. I learned  that my primary role as a woman is to nurture my family with my creativity and that it is possible to profit from the things I already do for them.

Would you recommend A Talk with Giselle to friends?

I would most definitely recommend A Talk with Giselle. It is like talking with a trusted friend except this friend has resources ready to lend. She also holds me accountable in a non threatening way with encouragement and follow up. Highly recommended!

-Jo Jordan, Mompreneur and Creative

MaMaDopest Blog

How did you meet Giselle?

The Millennials Brunch

What did you learn from our talk?

First and foremost, Giselle gave me the confidence to stop procrastinating and making excuses of why I didn’t start my blog yesterday. I really got The Whole Blogging 101. I got insight from our conversation, examples and homework! I can go on and on, lol.

Would you recommend A Talk with Giselle to friends?

Absolutely! Actually already have and will continue.

Samantha Banks, Founder

Wife Mommy CEO