Corporate Wellness Events

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Corporate Wellness Events

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March – May 2023

Corporate Events

Companies must prioritize wellness in the workplace.

The future of work is rapidly changing, and employees are valuing their peace over a paycheck. Learn how to build wellness in your community with corporate wellness events on Giselle Ave.

Associates stay with companies that value their overall well-being and its important for corporations to actively express their commitment to keeping their employees well and safe.

That’s why you should Book Giselle to host a Corporate Wellness Event at your Company!

Giselle will lead a professional Wellness Event options for your company, which includes:

  • A motivational talk,
  • Warm-up
  • 45-minute medium-to-low impact Zumba fitness class
  • Cool-Down
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Paint Class
  • Coloring Class
  • Fresh fruit, water, and snacks to be provided by the sponsoring organization.
    ***Services Available In-Person or Virtual

Additional Products Offered:

Depending on your company’s culture, additional products can be offered including:

What You’ll Learn:

– Basics of Zumba
– Chakra Balancing and Healing
– Achieving Work/Life Balance

Giselle, Founder & Creator at Giselle Avenue

Giselle Climpson

Your Corporate Wellness Event Host

I’m an all-around Artist, with a love for Dance Fitness, Well-Being, and Mental Health. I’ve been teaching Zumba classes for over a decade, and would love to partner with your company and/or organization to incorporate mental health and wellness within your company culture!

Let’s host a Zumba Fitness party and Dance!

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Zumba at Amazon ATL2 for Women’s History Month

Zumba at Amazon ATL2 for Women’s History Month

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