Meet Giselle

Meet Giselle W. Climpson

I’m Giselle, Lifestyle Blogger and Creator of Giselle Avenue.

My purpose is to express my divine being through art.

I’m here to inspire you to find your voice, and be heard.

As a young entrepreneur, Giselle was determined to make her mark in the world. She started her career as an artist, offering her talents in writing, storytelling, dancing, event hosting, mentoring, brand design, and marketing. Despite being one of the few black women in the field, Giselle never let that stop her. In 2015, she founded Giselle Avenue, a digital media, entrepreneurship, and technology company that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Giselle’s passion for empowering others has been evident since her early days as a community activist and city enthusiast in North Alabama. She served as class president from Freshman to Senior year of high school and graduated with honors from S.R. Butler High School located in Huntsville, AL. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from The University of Alabama and a Master of Public Administration from Kennesaw State University, with a focus in Public Administration and Federal Government Contracting.

Giselle’s commitment to education and lifelong learning led her to enroll in Bank of America’s Institute at Cornell University. In Spring 2023, she earned her Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University and is currently enrolled in Self Empowerment Life Coach Training, which she plans to complete in Summer 2023.

Giselle is a firm believer in supporting and empowering women in various fields, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). She is passionate about encouraging young women to explore and pursue STEM careers, and dedicates her time to volunteering in this area. Giselle has worked with organizations such as Girls Inc. and Spellman College through Goodie Nation, where she provides mentorship and guidance to young women looking to enter these male-dominated fields. Through her volunteer work, Giselle hopes to inspire and uplift the next generation of female leaders in STEM.

Giselle believes that knowledge is power and values education, which is evident in her accomplishments and ongoing pursuits. To learn more about Giselle and her journey, please contact her at