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This is probably the only Panel Series you can attend that includes an official group shot–literally!  



April 25, 2016– (ATLANTA, GA)– Living in the digital age requires a bit of effort to get out and actually meet people. I’m not talking about noisy club events or awkward networking events, I mean strategically curated events that actually add value to those who attend. Welcome to the Intelligently Cool Panel Series— a space that invites Atlanta influencers across industries to share insights on relationship building, productivity hacks, and valuable lessons on leadership.

During the one-hour panel discussion, guests are invited to participate in an intimate Q&A session, along with questions from panel moderator, Kerry Abner. To top it off, guests are welcome to complimentary cocktails, provided by Twenty Grand Vodka, and of course, the trademark group shot— to open the discussion. This monthly panel series is presented by Intecoo, and takes place at General Assembly Atlanta, located on the 2nd floor of Atlanta’s largest adaptive reuse project, Ponce City Market.




The Panel.


Jason Reddick—   Promotions Director, Hot 107.9

Karen Houghton— Director, Atlanta Tech Village (ATV)

Lukas Pilgrim— Investor Relations, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Ferrari Simmons— Radio Personality, V103

This month’s panel included Jason and Ferrari, representing two of Atlanta’s biggest radio stations, Hot 107.9 and V103. Karen, who works daily with some of Atlanta’s most promising new startups and entrepreneurial spirits via Atlanta Tech Village. Lukas, who offers a more traditional take on achieving success in business at the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

Cool Advice.

Each panelist offered a different perspective on what it takes to achieve success in their fields, but there was one underlying theme: DO IT.


Karen touched on the lonely road of entrepreneurship and how ATV serves as an outlet of support to nurture business owners. The most valuable lesson she’s learned thus far? Be passionate about whatever it is that you do. This is what makes Karen unique, her ability to truly love the work she does while impacting the lives of ATV businesses. She doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t truly care about.

“Be passionate about whatever it is that you do.” — Karen Houghton


Jason shared a time when he was at his lowest and decided to quit his job. With the emerging trend of entrepreneurship, the typical 9-5 lifestyle is often regarded as settling or NOT following one’s true calling in life. Should you quit your day job? Jason encouraged guests to HAVE A PLAN! Do NOT just quit your job because you think your new idea or startup deserves a place in the market. Always have a plan in mind, at least 6 months, so you are still in a position to maintain your lifestyle while you are in transition. He also stands firm on his belief in himself. He always knew that whatever the scenario, things would work out.

“Faith, no doubt–and belief in self.”– Jason Reddick



Ferrari (Rari) discussed his tips on building a personal brand and breaking into competitive industries. Most people don’t perform thorough market research and simply won’t do the extra leg work it takes to actually get noticed. Of the 200,000+ people who aspire to be in radio, there are only about 16 actual jobs available. Rari shared his accounts of juggling between late nights in the club, making connections with top radio personalities; and being a good father to his children. Fatherhood is his top priority  and he made it clear that spending time with his children is the most important job of them all. He doesn’t get much sleep, but he isn’t complaining.

Rari gave tips on personal branding and advised guests to associate their products and brands with people who are already in the game. He made custom snapback hats for some of the hottest DJ’s in the industry, and that helped boost his sales while getting his official logo out there. What makes him different? Rari executes.

“I execute. Whatever I put my mind to, I execute. I write down my goals, and execute them.” — Ferrari Simmons



Lukas gave insight on what it takes to play the game. Lukas made it clear: being kind is what matters most. You never know who you are talking to, who you may need–or who may need you. Of course, being well-dressed and having good intentions always helps, a lot. But also, surrounding yourself with those who can help you navigate your career. The good ole’ boy system is about building relationships and playing your cards right.

Designing the New Atlanta.

The Intecoo Panel Series allows guests to interact with Atlanta Influencers, across industries who are truly making an impact on the city. Whether building a startup or breaking into the entertainment scene; the Intecoo Panel Series makes room for the– hustler/dreamer/nine-to-fiver/do-er/corporate thug/cool-kid –in you.

We invite to be our guest at the next Intecoo Panel Series taking place on Thursday May 26, 2016 from 7p-9p  at General Assembly Atlanta.

Let’s have a toast to Designing the New Atlanta!

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