7 Fierce Beauty Looks We’re Copying This Week


When I was younger, I obsessed over my mom’s extensive makeup stash. The red lipsticks, the blush, the eyeshadow. It was all just so glamorous. Every time she turned her back even for a second, I’d rush over to her vanity to play dress-up. Of course, I was always reprimanded shortly after but that never stopped me from wanting to decorate my face and be just like her.

As I have gotten older, I made sure to have my own makeup arsenal that I can play around in. I do love embracing my natural beauty, but I also have so much fun recreating beauty looks and transforming my overall style with a little lippie or smokey eye.  That’s why it’s a must that I celebrate women who find ways to enhance their look and express themselves. It’s not about wanting to hide who you are; it’s about making your own beauty statement to the world in a unique way.

Take a glimpse at a few bloggers who are beat to the gawds and the beauty looks we can’t wait to try:


Instagram: @Brosiaaa


Instagram: @Afro.Vogue


Instagram: @JessicaPettway


Instagram: @TheFashionFiend_ 


Instagram: @Caxmee


Instagram: @TaiBeau


Instagram: @KieraPlease

What’s your favorite beauty look? Any go-to products you use? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

Stay Stylish,

Briea L. Curington

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