4 Ways to Spring into Fitness!

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May has finally arrived, and I think its safe to say Spring has too! These past few months have legit flown by. One minute, we are complaining about the cold weather in the middle of “spring,” and now, we’re trying to find the best allergy medicine out because, pollen count. Mother nature, she is one of a kind.

Nevertheless, we are moving full speed ahead through Spring 2018 and now is the perfect time to spring into fitness! Did someone say fitness? Yes, that’s right, it’s your BFF, operation summer body in full effect. Last year, we shared tips on how to stick to your health goals during the holiday season, how did that go? Did you stick to the plan, or did you fall off on the wayside. Well, the past is the past, and now is the time for all of us to take on a new attitude when it comes to our health and wellness goals.

Let me be frank, I’ll be the FIRST to admit that I did not stick to my health goals this past holiday season. In fact, I think I picked up a couple of lady lumps since Thanksgiving, and I want them all to go away! But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. As an avid supporter of health and wellness, I’m here to share 4 things I’ve done to personally get back on track with operation body goals. So far, I am 12 pounds down and I am NOT here to play!

4 Ways to Spring into Fitness this Season


Get Active, again.

Because, it works! Working out is one of the most underappreciated forms of self-love. It strengthens your mind and body, all while helping you break a sweat and increase your blood flow. Of course the gym is the most common approach to working out, but you don’t always have to go to the gym. You can plan a mid-day walk in your workday, or take a dance or yoga class at your local community gym. CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, including cardio AND weight lifting! That’s right, don’t be a cardio queen, add some weight lifting to your workout for a full body experience!

Mindful eating.

Okay, this is the hard part: what to eat and what NOT to eat. We live in a diet-crazed society here in the U.S. but the fact still stands: diets don’t work. I am taking this whole mindful eating thing to the next level by viewing my eating habits as a lifestyle change, not some diet. Where do we start? The basics: add more fruits and veggies to your diet, drink more water. Simple, right? Except when friends invite you to a Taco & Margarita festival this weekend, or when you have a fun vacation planned ahead.

Take some time to think more about what you eat. Mindfulness while eating goes a long way because it allows you to consider the effects of what you eat, while you’re eating it. A great start is to try and consume real food, all the time. Try it out tomorrow and see how much lighter you feel by eating real food, most of the time.

Decrease alcohol intake.

Social drinking is cool, happy hour is cool, enjoying family & friends during the many summer days ahead is cool, too— but those drinks add up. Yes, they add up quick and if you’re anything like me and pending 30, you know how much alcohol costs in the short-run. The empty calories SUCK! Did you know a 12oz. margarita from your fave Mexican spot has about 680 calories in it? BRUH. An entire workout can be cancelled with one margarita, one. Did you load up on wine allllll holiday season? Well, those calories add up, too. I’m not saying throw the whole bottle away, but a slight (major for some of us) decrease in alcohol intake will take your fitness goals to new heights, in a short period of time. Give it a try, maybe you can limit social drinking to only Friday nights?

Keep it social and track your progress, the old school way.

This is the wild card: make it social. The social butterfly in me loves sharing stories with my network of family and friends. There’s something about a good story that inspires me to push harder, no matter what. I decided to share my weight loss struggles with my closest family and friends, and this has really helped me stay focused on my goals! My  boyfriend is also a huge part of my determination to keep pushing towards my goals, because he is here to hold me accountable. “I’m heading to the gym bae, I’ll see you when I get back.” #PowerMoves When working out turns social, it allows you more freedom to enjoy what you’re doing while in the company of other people with similar goals.

In addition to starting a conversation about my fitness goals, I’ve also taken an old school approach to tracking my progress: via a poster board where I mark off days I hit the gym, and days I practice mindful eating.


Think of this as a scorecard, but I have it hanging in my loft so I can check-off workout days with my own hands, and I can see my progress over the month.

Who else is ready to spring into fitness this season? Let me know which tip you plan to start using today!

Can’t wait to share my progress later in one month!

-Belle in the City

P.S. Get you a digital weight scale, see the numbers, track your progress, and stay motivated.

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