Another Trip Around The Sun

Daughter of the Sun

It’s My Birthday Season!

Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun
Just enjoy this ride

Song Lyrics, Another Trip Around The Sun by Jimmy Buffett & Martina McBride

Daughter of the Sun,

Just A Shining!

This year has been a wild ride for ALL of us. But, believe it or not– this was my best birthday ever. I celebrated my birthday on August 2nd, and listen… Chapter 30 has been LIT. I’ve been so present in my real life, that I’m just now finding time to share my birthday with my readers here on Giselle Ave. …

Hey y’all… get into it!

Chapter 30 has been the boldest decade of my entire life. I’ve learned how to let go, be still, lead with love, channel inner peace, listen to my own thoughts, and most importantly — welcome my Higher Self into my divine experience here on Earth.

In case you didn’t get the memo, times are changing. In fact, the world is ending. The old world, that is. The old world that was fueled by mass corruption, hate, evil, deceit, and fear– is being overturned and replaced with a New World, a WHOLE new world.

The new world is fueled by individuality, faith, high frequency vibrations, and LOVE.

In this new world, the currency is Love and baby I am RICH AF!

Say hello to my Higher Self, I refer to her as A Goddess.

This year, I met my Higher Self.

My Higher Self is a Goddess, and I am She.

This year, I met my ancestral self.

Our ancestors are here.

I’m proclaiming the real truth that as a woman rich in melanin, I am royalty.

Black Is King.

I am a Daughter of the Sun.

I am a Creator and I am creating my dream life, one original thought at a time.

A Leo Season Celebration

I’m a Leo, therefore, our birthday is a Season– not a day.

I want to publicly thank my AMAZING HUSBAND, Corderius, for showing me so much LOVE on my birthday. He’s my friend, my provider, my support system, and my everything and I’m so happy to do Life with him!

He really went all OUT this year, and made it feel like the best birthday ever!

So, what did we do for my BIRTHDAY?!

It’s Sunflower Season

Anderson Sunflower Farm, 2020

Of course sunflowers are in full bloom in the middle of Leo Season, it’s a SUN THING. We visited the Anderson Sunflower Farm right in the middle of peak sunflower season, it was beautiful.

Tacos + Margaritas

Red Pepper Taqueria Patio Dining, 2020

Name a better duo, I’ll wait! After months of being closed, one of our favorite Mexican spots, Red Pepper Taqueria Buckhead, opened back up, just in time for MY birthday (kidding.)

We dined out for the first time in a while, and enjoyed tacos, margaritas, and a BIRTHDAY SHOT! We used to dine at Red Pepper Taqueria a lot for Date Night B.C. (Before Corona) so this Birthday Lunch was even more special because it reminded us to appreciate the little joys in life. You know, like tacos….. and margaritas.

Couples Massages & Spa Treatment

Our first thought after getting a Couples Massage? I can’t believe this is our first time getting a massage! Please, invest in a full body massage at least ONCE in your life, it’s totally worth it and you totally deserve it!

Black Is King

Queens think alike, because Mrs. Carter’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect! After our day of pampering and relaxation, we made it an EPIC movie night featuring Nancy’s Deep Dish Pizza (Yummmmmmm) and BLACK IS KING, a film by Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, periodt!

My reaction to Black Is King deserves it’s OWN blog post, stay tuned.

Black Is King, A Film by Beyonce

Romantic Rooftop Dinner Vibes

We ended the weekend with a romantic rooftop dinner at 9 Mile Station, located at Ponce City Market. The ambiance was more than we expected. It was the perfect night cap to an amazing Birthday Celebration!

Black Women in TELFAR

TELFAR Small Black Shopping Bag

As if things couldn’t get any better… your girl was gifted with my first TELFAR BAG.

Thanks hubby!

“Refer to me as a Goddess, I’m tired of being modest.”

Like I said, this was the best birthday ever.

I am grateful for the LOVE I have attracted into my life—in real life.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned this year is HOW to master the art of timing. There’s a time to speak, and a time to remain silent. There’s a time for war, and a time for peace. We’ve been trained to follow the herd and to do what everyone else is doing, for the sake of fitting in. We’ve been conditioned to think as if we are running out of time, AND THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH. In the new world, time doesn’t even exist!

The truth is, you are a God/Goddess. Loving yourself first allows you to see everything going on in the world, and still manage to keep your inner peace! Love is the key. Add more LOVE into your life. Spend time doing things you LOVE. Lead with LOVE. Listen to your own thoughts, and learn how to think for yourself.

I am certain that although it’s actually the end of the OLD world, it’s the beginning of a New World where love conquers all things and love is truly all you really need.

With so much turmoil going on in the world and so many reasons to be sad, I can truly say that it was an extremely Happy Birthday!

With Love,

Goddess Giselle


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