Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit

Originally bogged by Belle in the City Giselle in year 2016 b.c. (before corona)

Ok, this is deep. It’s deeper than what I usually like to post, but I was so moved by this that I had to share! Disclaimer, I am not a preacher, nor do I try to be. I am not perfect–at all! My life on social media may appear to be pretty awesome, but keep in mind I am trained to share good news: public relations. I don’t share the ugly side of my so-called “fabulous” life, but that’s simply by choice. Today, I’m going to share something a little more personal, something I rarely confess, even to myself. But, whatever–here goes nothing!

***Praise Break


I fight daily to be led by the Spirit, because this is the key to happiness and really enjoying life. But as we know, with good comes the bad. Most churches and ministries focus on the Glory of God and his many blessings. This is great, until you start to feel personally attacked by the enemy and his worshipers. Yes, with good comes evil and we are reminded throughout The Bible to beware of the enemy because he is out to get our souls.

The Jezebel Spirit

When we hear this word, we often think of the stereotypical vesion of a Jezebel:

a loose woman who wants sex all the time. She’s gotta have it. Yet at the same time she uses sex to draw men in to get what she wants. Sometimes it is money. Sometimes it is to destroy them. (Source)

This is the stereotype, but what about the spiritual type? I’ve been studying the bible and various lectures via You Tube the past few weeks. I’m a millennial, I applaud the digital versions of information, OK? I came across this powerful lecture titled Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit and it blew my mind! I am somewhat familiar with Jezebel in our biblical text– she was a Queen in the Old Testament and cold-bloodedly killed many of God’s prophets during her reign. After doing a bit more digging, I discovered more about this Jezebel spirit:

Simply put, a Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking, more intelligent demons if not the smartest kind of demon he has in his kingdom.

And with it being much more intelligent than many of the other lower-ranking demons will be, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with once it moves in and attaches to a person. It will cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

Read more here…

This type of spirit is the most common in women. It walks around as if it is the ruler, instead of submitting to her husband. God intended for us women–yes, even us “new” women– to submit to our men. No matter how much money, or how many degrees a woman acquires, when it comes to the home: it’s time to be a wife and submit to your husband. This spirit is so powerful nowadays, that a lot of women boast about “not submitting to my husband.” #OutOfOrder

In order to live freely and abundantly, I had to confront this type of spirit in my personal life and cast it out!

I come from a family, that I now realize, was negatively impacted by this very spirit. It came into my own home, and sought to destroy it. This childhood experience with the Jezebel spirit left and imprint on my life that I am just now starting to confront and cast out.

Fast forward to 2016, I appear to be a pretty good woman and I’m often asked why I am single? It’s because I have been walking around here, effected by  the Jezebel spirit who took over my family a long time ago! I could continue to be a product of that environment, but God gives us redemption and a chance to write our own story.

God gives us the exact answer to our own questions in order to transform us. He renews our mind. It’s never too late to get our spirits in line with the word of God.

We can start right now!

Women in “Charge”

Nowadays, women are starting businesses left and right and the media continues to celebrate the idea of women’s liberation. But, since I’m keeping it real— I’m not totally sold on this propaganda. Especially in black homes, our men are becoming more and more emasculated and we wonder why. It’s not the women, it’s the spirit of Jezebel, who is Satan’s spirit. So in fact, it’s the enemy having his way. I do believe in women’s rights and all of that stuff, but I believe even more, in the power of a strong family unit: God-fearing Father, who leads the Mother, who raises the children up to walk in Christ’s way. That’s the perfect formula to a Christian family unit that is strong enough to withstand the tricks of the enemy. But that’s not America today.

Do you want to know the perfect example of the Jezebel spirit in mainstream media? Let’s revisit some of the key characteristics of this spirit:

  • Emasculates the man
  • Not submissive
  • Needs an “Ahab” or submissive man/being to control, and enjoys it
  • Easily angered
  • Does “whatever it takes” to maintain control and power over their subordinates
  • Will always seek to be the center of attention
  • Highly lustful and seductive
  • Charismatic type energy on the host

and the winner is…..


Kris Jenner, the creator of the Kardashian Brand, inspired by a “leaked” sex-tape. All of her daughters are under her control, literally. And her former husband was emasculated so much, that he is now a woman.


Let that sink in..


WATCH (Out!)

Well, well, well what do we have here? Like I said, I’m not perfect, I’m not a preacher, nor do I claim to know the word so well to say what’s what and who’s who in this earthly realm: but 1+1=2. I am sharing this testimony to inspire someone who may be dealing with similar struggles in their own personal lives. Thankfully, we have the greatest book of them all to help guide us through this thing we call life. I’m happy to be surrounded by believers who are empowered by the truth. I am in a place I’ve never been spiritually, but I know it is apart of the growth that I’ve asked God for.

“These daughters go out there and get hurt more and more. We invite hurt more and more because of our thinking.. daughters are not being protected so they start protecting themselves. Next thing you know, she is acting like a guy because no one protected her. The sons impacted by Jezbel look for women to take care of them, because they don’t know how to take authority.”


Take a moment (it’s kind of long) to watch this video from Tiffany Buckner, founder of Anointed Fire, Christian ministry based out of Tampa, FL. Let me know what you think by commenting below! We are all sisters in Christ and it is up to us to help spread the knowledge of the Good Book! I pray this blesses someone, and in the meantime watch out for the Jezebel spirit, and cast it out quickly!

“God, redirect you daughters. Give us the will to seek you so that we have loving, nurturing relationships.

God, cover our hearts and our spirits. We rebuke ALL plans of the enemy in the name of Jesus! We give you all the glory and cast out all demons, especially Jezebel, that continue to destroy our families.”

With love,

Belle in the City


Photo by lucas clarysse on Unsplash

Author: Goddess Giselle

Welcome to My World of Imagination! I’m Giselle, also known as Goddess Giselle. I’m the Founder and Creator of Giselle Avenue - a space in the metaverse to fully express myself. When I'm not creating here on the Ave. I'm spending time with my loving Husband, Corderius and our long-haired 5 year-old, gray cat -- Mister Sidney. Thank you for traveling, be sure to stop by every page here on the site!

15 thoughts

  1. Whoa now that was REALLY deep! I think a lot of people in this day and age struggle with the jezebel spirit but never acknowledge it! Stay strong in your faith and keep enlightening us in this good knowledge! Thank you for sharing❤️ I am going to watch the video now.😁

      1. Spirits have no gender, Scott. Despite your religious biases, the Jezebel spirit is not named in the Bible and is understood to be traits and characteristics of manipulation, domination and control. The Bible is full of examples of these traits working collectively in males. King Herod, Pharaoh, King Artaxerces, King Saul and many others.

      2. Thanks for this commentary, this post has been making waves since the spiritual warfare began here on Earth in 2020. I agree with you Scott, the spirit itself has no gender and can operate and dominate in both men and women.

      3. Hi Goddess Giselle,

        Scott is the one who thinks that a Jezebel Spirit DOES have a gender.

        My comment was the opposite.

  2. I’ve ALWAYS thought this exact same thing. I would add that Jezebel’s generally tend to control their “victims” by luring them with gifts and promises of ideal love. Mrs Jenner dates an emasculated thirty-something year old Black man who gets to live in the lap of luxury of her house and live a dream life far from the projects he most-likely grew up in, in exchange for his manhood. Her daughters all marry/date and ‘keep’ their opportunistic spouses with similarly dysfunctional backgrounds: Tyga, Black Chyna, Kanye West, Lamar Odom, (Ray-J, Reggie Bush) and with the exceptions of Scott Disick and Chris Humphries; they are all African-American/Black. It’ aparent that her children seem to capitalise on one of the unfortunate short-comings of the African-American comunit; i.e. higher rates of unemployment, greater incidences of fatherlessness etc and lures her victims to exploit that same community who are statisticakly more consumerist that other ethnicities in the US to gain fame, fortune, power and admiration which is always the ultimate goal of anyone hosting the Jezebel spirit. We need, as a Church and as a community, to address the generatinal misgivings of our culture and “fix” our attitudes, responses and failures at marriage in order to rescue ourselves from the devil’s plan.

  3. You know, I have always thought the exact same thing! I just want to add that the agenda of the Jezebel spirit is to destroy Divine order, by luring victims of the spirit away from God’s design in favour of self and satanic worship.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Jezebel spirits utilise the common tactic of appealing to innate, materialistic desires in victims such as a need for love, security and acceptance. Hosts of this spirit befriend and attach themselves to victims in desperate need of these things, and convinces them that the former can be substituted with fame, money, power and recognition. Thus, through seduction, control and manipulation, specifically by buying gifts or introducing them to a fun, exciting, promising higher life that is difficult to leave and detach oneself from later Jezebel gains hold.

    A common issue with those hosting a Jezebel spirit is perverse and untempered sexuality. Kris’s youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie are surely too young to be thrown into the highly lustful spotlight Kris adores? Kim’s claim to fame was a sex tape! How very young she was, too, and sometimes it is hard to remember that Khloe is only my own age! Jezebel’s love talking about sex, selling sex and using sex and sexuality to shock, seduce, punish, intrigue and inadvertently to turn people genuinely interested in pure, Holy worship away from it. The blurrinng of lines on age, consent and appropriateness are perfectly illustrated in Kris’s current relationship! I used to wonder why Kris is so delighted to push her daughters in particular onto African-American men, and especially poorly reputed ones! I’m a Black person, myself and if I wanted my daughter to be provided for and cared for as a wife and mum; Tyga, Lamar Odom or Kanye West would be my last choice in the world! Even her own boyfriend, Corey Gamble is just there to drive around in her Mercedes-Benz, accompany her on her shopping sprees, provide a “hood pass” as an escape from his hitherto baneful life in the projects somewhere, alongside ill-reputed women like Black Chyna, who holds the honour of birthing her next grandchild! Apart from Chris Humphries and Scott Disick (who, despite being white were not exactly ‘premium’ white men if I could use that word;) she happily encouraged Kourtney to have THREE children with a detached irresponsible, alcoholic! Again ideals about love which are not achievable with the level of emotional and psychological dysfunction she “manages”, are displayed as Kortney’s kids are also thrust into a spotlight on top of the added pressure of being from a broken home!

    This preoccupation with fantasies of ideal love and a reluctance to grow up and date and marry people one’s own age is another common identifier of a Jezebel spirit in operation. Jezebels adore the glitz, glam, attention and power of having a wedding, but can’t submit so they ruin the marriage. Again and again, those victim of the spirit testify that the fantasy sold at the start of the relationship never materialises and often ends up in pain and relatinal strife. Alongside generations of broken homes! The Jezebel spirit loves divorce, cross-gender suspicion and eventual hatred, and hurting, angry, fatherless children with no self esteem. They in turn become co-dependents, unable to function healthily and continue to rely upon the Jezebel, worshipping, complimenting and feeding the spirit’s need to gain attention and power AT ANY COST. The cost of marriages, the cost of children’s identities, the cost of grandchildren… Whilst everyone runs around blaming feminism and Hollywood, Jezebel sits tight. Silent. Delighted. Waiting for her next opportunity to cause more ruin.

    But returning to the specific issue I wish to address, Ray-Jay and Reggie Bush are awful characters who broke Kris’s middle daughter, Kim’s heart and yet she continues to open the door for the dead-beat Black men who knock on it, in exchange for attention, adoration, headlines and to appeal to the gullible and consumerist masses; who statistically are overwhelmingly predominantly African-American. To me, this highlights the shortcomings in the Black community, where the Jezebel spirit is concerned. Even biblically, Jezebel had no power without Ahab. Kris Jenner and her poor unfortunate daughters and emasculated son would not be who they are nor have the pull, drive and power that she so desperately craves, were it not for an entire generation of Ahab-like Black men. I think the devil is after our community, using this spirit, and I am curious as to your views on the relationship specifically as it relates to the African-American religious community and this spirit. Thanks!

    1. First of all, THANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENTARY! I must reply to your question about their relationship choices as they relate to the black community. It further destroys the idea of a strong black family unit, simply because none of their children appear to be black, nor will they grow up in an environment that creates awareness of their blackness. There is so much work to be done but it first starts with each family of color 1. establishing core values and committing to them 2. calling out spiritual warfare 3. recognizing the enemy instead of trying to overlook what’s going wrong with our community. I hope this was helpful and many blessings to you! -Giselle

  4. It was a heartbreaking moment to accept the holy spirit’s revelation to me that I have been carrying and serving this Jezebel spirit while proclaiming my love for God. How could I not see it? Praise to God for knowing when I could handle the fight that has to ensue to throw off the demonic influence. Please pray, as with such knowledge comes great responsibility to align my gifts with God’s purpose. Thank you for this post; it means so much, and is right on time. God bless.

    1. Kerri, thank you so much for reading and leaving this comment! I hope this post blesses you daily and reminds you that you are stronger than any demonic spirit that aims to kill and/or destroy you and your family lineage! ❤ ❤ ❤ Blessings to you.

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