Took A Screenshot



a black woman created the matrix — understand this.
Speaking of
welcome to new earth.

stay woke.
beyond me.
the woman who cries wolf.
current chapter.
protect your peace.
what is: self-worth.
at ease.

relatable content.
i joined the fight club.
me either.

the apocalypse.

fifth dimensional film.
mask off.

a message to black women of earth:
finally out of the shadow moon.
third eye.
what is friendship:
get on your purpose.

Author: Giselle In The City

I’m Giselle, also known as Belle in the City Giselle. I’m the Founder of Giselle Ave. and a passionate Biz Consultant, currently creating my dream life! I reside in downtown Atlanta with my loving husband and my fur baby, Mr. Sidney, the Cat!

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