Why You Should Binge Watch “Selling Tampa,” on Netflix

Because it is inspirational AF.

I could stop right there, honestly. But, I want to do a little deep dive into why this show tells the stories of black women we didn’t know we needed. First of all, hats off to Netflix for giving us a little variety with their hit show, Selling Sunset, by premiering an alternate version — okay an all-black cast version, of this same show, but with a Florida flare, titled Selling Tampa.

Selling Tampa is a new, reality TV series that follows the lives of the ladies of Allure Realty, an all female, black-owned real estate firm, created by Sharelle Rosado.

Sharelle Roasado, Founder of Allure Realty

Also, let’s take a moment to honor The Boss Lady and glue of the entire show, Sharelle Rosado — Military Veteran, Mother, Founder, and current girlfriend (soon-to-be Wife, because that’s just how her energy is) of Chad Ochocinco Johnson. Sharelle’s story is so inspiring because she is the epitome of more than a pretty face. She shows up not only for her family and her name, but for her business, and the army of black women that stand beside her. Reminds me of someone else I know… (wink, wink.)

We need to see more images like this: unapologetic black women living beyond sitting pretty, and breaking barriers.. daily!

Series Cover, Selling Tampa

Here are five reasons to bing watch Selling Tampa on Netflix, right now:

Black Women Living In Luxury, Not Just For Social Media

There is a movement happening right now, where black women are advocating luxury in all facets of life. Simply put: black women deserve to enjoy luxury and the finer things in life. I whole-heartedly agree, tenfold! But here’s the plot twist, what I didn’t realize is how much living in luxury is the standard when it comes to the real estate industry. I follow a few real estate professionals and noticed how they have to go so hard on social media to sell it.

Whether the nice cars, perfect hair, outfit to the T, and the Colgate smile, real estate is all about selling it, literally!

When you’re selling a house that is $11 million dollars… of course you have to keep that same energy! I had to give all the respect where its due, and honey the ladies of Selling Tampa are a prime example of Black Women in Luxury, as a lifestyle! Plus, was I the only one that wasn’t aware of how fancy Tampa is? It’s like a mini-Miami down there, okay Tampa!

Black Women Making Money Together

Where the dollars at?! It’s one thing to talk about getting money together, but its a totally different conversation when you walk that walk. I personally love to see it. There was a little competition, but it was friendly and it was rooted in true love and sisterhood. Most of all, these ladies are passionate about what they do. They aren’t in it just for the money, they are actually passionate about selling homes and negotiating deals that make cents.

Rena, a former attorney– is also a character that brings some spicy hot tea to the storyline of the show! Rena Upshaw-Frazier brings a unique perspective to the show, also displaying how a woman can be an attorney in one chapter of her life, then switch gears and become a whole real estate agent with her broker’s license. Did I mention that Rena is married, and has been married for quite some time?

Yes, you can live your dream life but you will have to put in work for it and learn how to negotiate. Rena’s character teaches us a thing or two about this idea throughout the series.

Reality Show Tea GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY
Rena from Selling Tampa on Netflix

They Actually Keep It Real, No Censorship

So there’s some tea: some of the ladies are not producing to Sharelle’s standards, and she does not sugarcoat this fact not one bit. She even dropped a few F bombs, “I’m tired of her fucking excuses,” and I was like oh okay, there is no filter, I love it here!

So for a beautiful woman, that is being properly loved out loud, and she’s also no nonsense about her business? Yes ma’am!

Over It Stop GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY
Sharelle Rosado

Selling Tampa Shows How Difficult It Is To Make It In Any Industry

They make it look good, but its hard. Anything you want out of life, you will have to work for it and really show up for your dreams. The cast of Selling Tampa makes it look easy, but it’s not. They are coming into the office daily, wearing their best attire, hyping each other up and getting to the bag. At the same time, they’re being collaborative and working together.

I love the fact that none of these women are broke down, blaming men, wanting (in general), and they instead, exude grace, class, and life based on a true story.

Best of all, the cast members hold each other accountable and openly say: stop making excuses, period!

Feminine Black Women At Work, And Play

Selling Reality Show GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY
Cast of Allure Realty

Heels! I meant, yes ladies, give us feminine energy!

What I also enjoyed was how many of them women were very feminine and flirty. Although the cast is out here, hustling to sell homes, they are portraying feminine leadership in order to do so. The glam is just the start, but the expression of emotions, the friendship between one another, the ability to communicate openly about issues or topics that may come up: that is pure divine feminine energy. Plus, friendly competition is so sweet, I love it.

Additionally, when it comes to romantic relationships, some of the single cast members share that they “need or want a man,” and honestly, that energy is necessary! No pick-me energy, just stating the facts here.

On social media, so many women act like they don’t want a man and they’re only interested in getting money and living in luxury, but is that all you want out of life? No love, no romance, just cashing checks? When Sharelle opened with the fact that she is dating Ochocinco, I apprecaited her openness about her relationship and her desire to be properly loved, out loud!

Ladies, here’s another note: fall out of fear, and fall into love, who knows what could happen!

Chad “Ochocinco” on Twitter

Overall this show is so binge-worthy and if you’ve been looking for some inspiration to get back to living life abundantly and unapologetically, I encourage you to watch this series asap!

Follow the #SellingTampa on social to see what other people are saying about this show, and watch the Official Trailer below:

So, will you be tuning in? I loved it, and I’m ready to walk into I’m called to be, here on Giselle Avenue.


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