Exclusive Interview: Atlanta Band— Jack and the Other–Talk New EP, Inspirations, and Music in the Metaverse

Music is a love language. I am so inspired by the pure essence of discovering new music artists and sharing unique sounds with our readers here on Giselle Avenue. Today, I’m back at it again with a completely new vibe from Atlanta Band, Jack and the Other.

We started this conversation before 2020, and thanks to a little patience and understanding, we’re finally sharing this incredible band and story with you.

Checkout my latest exclusive interview with Atlanta-based electronic duo Jack and the Other (JATO), featuring Jack Muta and Cal Brown and get into their brand new EP that released earlier this month, titled “Sunglass,” now streaming everywhere.

Jack and the Other

So…. How’s It Going?

Giselle: Wow, it’s been a minute. Are y’all OK?

JATO: Yeah, I think we’re OK. I think the last few years have been a lot for everyone in more ways than just the pandemic, but we count ourselves fortunate to still be healthy and doing what we love in making music. I can’t speak for Cal, but during the pandemic, I learned at least somewhat to find peace in the here and now.

There were a lot of times during 2020 and some of 2021 that it felt like the world was falling apart and it was hard for that not to feel like a massive and unending emotional weight. At a certain point, I realized that I had to accept and let go of the things that were out out of my control and find purpose and happiness within my own sphere of influence. I also learned to sew! 

Giselle: Listen, I couldn’t agree more. So I know you all are in ATL, but where are you all from originally?

JATO: Originally, we’re from Cleveland, OH, but we spent most of our childhood in Fort Myers, FL (thankfully everyone we know is safe and sound following the recent hurricane). We moved to Atlanta back in 2014. 

Giselle: Nice. Welcome back to Atlanta! What inspired you to start your journey into the music business?

JATO: Growing up, we both played a couple of instruments each and came from a very musical family. We were homeschooled up until high school which allowed us to dig into the things we enjoyed and naturally we spent a lot of that time on music.

It was always sort of in the back of our minds as something we wanted to do but didn’t materialize fully until I (Cal) was in AmeriCorps getting ready to return to college to get a marketing degree but wanted nothing more than to move somewhere and play music. Jack was finishing his first semester of law school and hated it, and had pretty much identical feelings about his direction in life. Looking back it was always pretty much inevitable.

Giselle: Love to hear it. Let’s talk goals. What are your big picture goals as indie artists? Would you all sign to a record label if the opportunity arose?

JATO: Right now our goals involve playing live shows, touring, shooting some videos, and sharing our new EP Sunglass, which just finished releasing its final few songs on Friday Oct. 7th. Overall, we just want to keep expanding on our sound and push ourselves creatively as we continue to grow as artists, both individually and collaboratively.

In terms of a record label deal, we just released our most recent EP Sunglass with some assistance from a London-based indie label called Soundplate Records and it’s been great. The timing was right and it’s a good fit. Going forward, I think the same can be said; it’d have to be the right people, the right moment, and without the risk of losing control over the project.

JATO’s Musical Inspirations

Giselle: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

JATO: We’ll name our top 3. Cal’s inspirations are Paul Simon, Amy Winehouse, and for something more recent, Remi Wolf. For me (Jack) recently, Daniel Caesar, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Still Woozy.

But my answer would probably be completely different if you asked me 24 hours from now. There’s so much good music out there and there’s so much good music being created all the time, it’s impossible not to feel creatively inspired by a lot of what I come across. It can be overwhelming sometimes to think that I may never hear what might otherwise be some of my favorite songs. 

Giselle: Let’s talk about the future of digital creators. Are you all familiar with Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse? If so, how do you think this digital revolution will impact the future of music artistry?

JATO: Yes, we’re familiar with Web 3, NFTs and even the Metaverse, though we’re far from experts. This emerging technology offers a very direct way for artists to monetize their creative output, whether it’s through selling something like their album’s royalty rights in the form of an NFT or even something as basic as exclusive access to hear a song before it drops. It empowers artists and decreases their reliance on a traditional record label deal to make a comfortable living.

From a more broad standpoint, I also like the idea of someone supporting a musician they love by purchasing an NFT made by that musician. Now, the fan has not only provided monetary support of the artist, but also has an actual digital asset that can increase in value as that artist gains more popularity and exposure. This type of purchase offers a more mutually beneficial relationship between the artist and the fan whereby both have an aligned interest in the future success and growth of the artist’s career. 

I think as the use cases and types of content that can be minted as an NFT continue to develop and as the metaverse becomes more widely used, there’s a huge potential for music artists to craft their digital “brand” from the ground up in a more immersive way.

However, there’s definitely an argument to be made that as the technology takes off and more musicians get involved that there will be less focus on the music itself. I also wonder how the art of live, in-person performance will fare in the extreme long run as fans might choose the convenience of watching a performance in the metaverse from the convenience of their couch, rather than actually attending a live show in person.

I also hope that the exclusivity factor in determining the value of digital assets doesn’t result in artists selling songs to only a select group of people (a la Wu Tang’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin). Music is meant to be shared! 

Giselle: ***drops mic! Okay no but forreal, that was exactly what I wanted to hear! Personally, I’m excited about Web3 and it’s so cool to hear from the artists themselves.

Jack and the Other’s New EP, Sunglass

Giselle: Congrats on the new EP! I’ve been streaming it and I really love the sound! Any upcoming shows planned?

JATO: Our new album, Sunglass, just released Oct. 7th and we’re really happy to have finished that finally as it’s been our main focus for the past year or so. We’ve also put a lot of work into developing our live show (even building some custom equipment) and are currently booking right now.

Soon we’re hoping to put together a southeastern tour at the end of the 2022/ beginning of 2023. We’ve also got some collaborations with other artists and creatives in the works, which we’re really excited about!

Official Album Artwork – Sunglass by Jack and the Other (release date: 10.7.22)

For more information about Jack and the Other, please visit their official website and stay connected with the band on Instagram, at JackAndTheOther.

Author: Goddess Giselle

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