10 Things Single Girls Are Tired of Hearing

March 30th, 2015, Atlanta, GA / Giselle Ave. Media —Today, just like any other Monday, I rose early for a morning workout– they always make my day feel super productive– got dressed, and strolled in to the workplace. Oh Monday, how I didn’t miss you. Anywho, everything is business as usual, until I decide to troll Facebook after I felt it was time to sip the tea.

Disclaimer to The Reader:

Here is it: I’m a blogger. My whole purpose of creating this blog is to express myself. Lately I’ve been feeling as if my voice isn’t being heard. I work, work, workout, work. I haven’t taken the time out to say what’s on my mind, so I’ll be doing this more often, dubbed the Belle in the City Chronicles. So anytime you see “Belle in the City” just know it’s coming straight from my current state of mind. Deal? Deal.

OK, Back to this tea……

So, like, this tea– was a different flavor. It was good, but kind of sweet. In fact, it was super sweet, like way too sweet. I went to five different weddings, tasted 3 types of cakes, witnessed 6 engagements, and welcomed 2 new babies all in one timeline read. Facebook is the offical  ooey-gooey-family-oriented- really reality TV show. I mean, I love, love. Love is great. It’s a beautiful thing… But, sheesh it’s hard out here for a belle in the city!

Let me explain, see as a single woman, who seems to be semi-normal, we have a lot of unwanted conversations on a daily basis. “Pretty girl like you, can’t believe you’re not married yet, you’re still single?”

The funny part is, they come from everyone, not just our parents or family. It has become so second nature, that I’ve almost forgotten how much I dread to have that daunting conversation about my (non-existent) love life. Well, I’m here to set the record straight. Maybe this post will encourage someone, maybe it will inspire the next conversation… Whatever it does, I must share.

Here are 10 things Single Girls Are Tired of Hearing

10. So how long have you been single?

Long enough to know that I’m currently not in a relationship.

9. Just focus on yourself, he will come.

For the most part, I have my ducks in a row in the work/life department. It’s just this love thing, man I tell you.. this stuff is harder trying to debate alien history.


8. Your career is important, I would wait.

Ok it is 2015 and I truly believe women have come far enough to be able to juggle being in a relationship, a successful career, and healthy mind, right? You can have it all, so let’s stop making girls choose either a career or marriage.

7. So, are you expecting someone? 

No, I stopped expecting someone a while ago. At this point, I’m just coming to have a drink in public because my couch is getting too comfortable and drinking along is too much like an alchi.

6. I’m gonna hook you up with my friend. Oh joy, another friend!

Not the cute friend, not the friend you thought was attractive enough date, not the friend who is always trying to hook up with someone’s friend….

No, it’s your other friend, got it.

Let’s do this…

5. Have you tried online dating?

OK Cupid, POF, BlackPeopleMeet.com, Tinder, who me? Nooo, I haven’t really.

Well, like once, or twice, but nothing serious really.

4. Smile, you look prettier when you smile.  

This may apply to all women, but we get it, smiles matter.

3. Your expectations are a little too high.

I’ve heard this one, and I actually lowered my expectations recently. Like pretty low… Like no car, no job, no real place to live— but a great heart and cute face low—welp it didn’t work out.

2. You seem cool, like you just want to have fun. 

So is it really either or? Either Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy? Either Michelle or Kim (I can’t believe I put them in the same sentence)? Sweet, meek, subtle, 2nd grade teacher or a party girl who patiently awaits the next sparkler and bottle of Moet, faithfully— 4 nights a week? No in between? Well, cool.

1. When are you going to settle down?

I’m in no rush, when the time is right.

These are my top 10, but I’m sure all my single ladies can add a few more to this lovely list. This is a public service announcement, your voice counts!

Until next time single lady,

Belle in the City


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Author: Goddess Giselle

Welcome to My World of Imagination! I’m Giselle, also known as Goddess Giselle. I’m the Founder and Creator of Giselle Avenue - a space in the metaverse to fully express myself. When I'm not creating here on the Ave. I'm spending time with my loving Husband, Corderius and our long-haired 5 year-old, gray cat -- Mister Sidney. Thank you for traveling, be sure to stop by every page here on the site!

10 thoughts

  1. Love this Giselle! Its so true, I was recently in a conversation with a single young lady & I’m totally guilty of doing #9.. guess it’s just human nature… I’m sharing this on the blog on 5..4..3..2..


    1. Yes Ms. B, that’s a whole different blog post, it’s coming soon! Guys try to use kids to start a conversation— nah!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. I love this. I’m living in a small town populated by married couples and their children and I am considered “unhappy”. It kills me how no one can understand why I am single!! They don’t empathize with me at all. They just wanna know what’s wrong with me; they assume I’m miserable; they don’t understand the dating world, today. I put myself “out there” & I’m still living single. I’m OK and I love living life and hopefully my man will show up sooner than later; however I’m happy being me so I wish the focal point in conversations could be our lives and not the fact that I’m single! What A Great Read!

    1. Thank you Kamika for reading! Well don’t feel so bad about it, I’m in a big city— same problem different scenario. One too many options, one too many singles!

      I think things will change for the better for both of us, we just have to keep the faith! I find humor in it because after all– there is such thing as enjoying yourself. But as I shared in the post, OK I’m ready to enjoy someoneelse now!!

      Thanks for reading again Kamika!


  3. “You select too much which is not a good thing at your age” And am like seriously? Now tell me, at what age is selection good? Sooooo because am 26 I should settle down for every tom, dick and harry? Now puleeeze swerve!

    Marriage is till like forever, I do not want to wake up one morning and ask myself what I was thinking when I married this guy. I do not want to regret marriage so I take my time in selecting. When he comes I will definitely know! Am not desperate please……

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