Mommy-preneur Who Rocks: Meet Robin Marshall


Robin Marshall

Professional Photographer & Blogger

Atlanta, GA

Mom Life: Mother of 2 sons, a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Entrepreneur Life: Robin has always had a love for capturing moments and creating memories. Initially, photography was a hobby and it has evolved into a business. Robin is well-known in the Atlanta community and entertainment industry, capturing moments from a wide-range of events including upscale private screenings, red carpets, and exclusive awards shows. Robin is also a professional blogger, using pictures as a story line for her blog “The Life of a Photographer.” Pictures are worth a thousand words and Robin exemplifies this truth through her love for photography and blogging. Robin has worked alongside several industry affiliates, including on-air talent and correspondent “Talking with Tami”.


Mompreneur Life: Although Robin’s passion for photography exceeds monetary gains and VIP events, her career comes second to her boys. Every minute of her day is filled with something, and the fast-paced media industry shows no mercy for time. Robin’s day starts around 7:15 AM, and she is usually home around 9 PM, calling it a night around midnight. Robin rarely finds time to watch live TV or enjoy leisure activities, thanks to her calendar of events, media relations efforts, and ongoing writing requirements. However, her first priority will always be to nurture her children. Robin certainly credits her husband, mother, and sister as her greatest support system in balancing her roles of being a mom and an entrepreneur.

Advice to Aspiring Mompreneurs:

Take baby steps when building that support system. You can’t consume your desire when your children are lacking, because they are there to also be your support factor.

Favorite Quote:

Trust the process of your heavenly father.

Visit Robin Marshall online for more information.

Dear Robin,

You’re a Mompreneur Who Rocks!

Author: ShaniH.

Hello, beautiful people. I am Shani, fresh to the Atlanta scene. I love singing and chatting music, PR, and coordinating entertainment events. I have a passion to inspire those towards a level of greatness. See you at the top!

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