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Originally blogged in Winter 2016 by Belle in the City Giselle


Here on the avenue, we specialize in all things fabulous, chic, and city! I mean, it’s our first language. As we embark on the New Year, we continue to explore the many adventures of 2016! I know it’s the perfect time to watch New York, with the upcoming New York Fashion Week but I’m here to set the record straight: Atlanta Knows Fashion! This past Saturday evening was a great glimpse of the fabulous, chic, city events to come thanks to our friends at the Fashion Bazaar III: Global Phenomenon!



The Show

The Fashion Bazaar III: Global Phenomenon event was held this past Saturday at the Tago International Center in West Midtown. The evening opened with a Red Carpet at 7:30, followed promptly by the opening segment at 8:30. Guests were welcomed to a professional runway, business vendors, and a cash bar in the rear of the event space. Can’t beat $3 drink specials, but this wasn’t the highlight of the night! The two hosts of the evening really set the tone throughout the show. Proud members of the #AUC Rachel & Ricardo served as the Hosts, and they did an excellent job! Both Rachel & Ricardo are apart of the Creative ecosystem here in Atlanta and it was refreshing to see their talents being used for such a great cause!

Event Hosts, Ricardo & Rachel

Speaking of causes– the “global phenomenon” themed evening was to create awareness of global issues facing the city of Atlanta, including sex trafficking, homelessness, and more. #GreatCause


The show opened with Allure Kids Kouture, which featured some of the spazziest little designer clothes I’ve ever seen modeled on a kid! You know the Instagram images we can’t get enough of? Imagine that– but in real life! The children models were so cute, and yet extremely talented at the same time! These girls and guys were FIERCE, and clearly born for this.

Next up, was a familiar brand, Life’s Journey Clothing (LJC), originally from Kentucky. Now based in Atlanta and available online, Life’s Journey Clothing is an inspirational brand that aims to inspire others to walk in their purpose.  The collection featured the Life’s Journey signature letterman’s jacket, and ladies LJC pullovers.

Pandamonium Jeans gave us an inch of DOPENESS, with a live performance from Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist, @StormyATL! She rocked the stage, and it was more of a Rip the Runway kind of feel…yes please! I, personally, love EDM–thank you Stormy!

Among other designers featured included:  Anjala Forever, Joseph & Elynn, Lisha Charmaine, Trèfle BVI, and Van Miller International.

Event Hosts!
Life’s Journey Clothing


Life’s Journey Clothing


Life’s Journey Clothing
Life’s Journey Clothing


Life’s Journey Clothing
Life’s Journey Clothing
Life’s Journey Clothing

Overall, the evening was a great reflection of the talent that lies within the city limits of Atlanta! I enjoyed each designer’s unique approach to fashion, as well as their boldness in sharing their art with the world. Check out a few more thoughts on the show, along with a robust image gallery below!


Best Moment: The kids!! They slaaayed! And the final designer, I loved, loved the Red Dress… SLAY (featured image) And… my favorite Top Model of the night: @MikaSaintil.. pictured above in blue—slaying as always.

Worst Moment: I didn’t love the opening performance from the Male R&B group. It was refreshing to see a guy group, but the track they sang was WACK! Ok, I said it!

What I’d like to see next year: Speed.. I think the time between designers was a tad too long, it’s easy to lose your audience when there is too much space in between. Also, more focus on the global issues, although they were mentioned, I didn’t quite connect the designer’s collection with the specific cause.

What I would NOT like to see next year: That guy group… or at least not that song!

Photo Gallery


Allure Kids Kouture
Fave Moment!


Allure Kids Kouture


Allure Kids Kouture



Allure Kids Kouture
Winzer, Sabrin, Chris, Founder of Life’s Journey Clothing & Giselle, Founder of Giselle Ave.
Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture


Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture
Allure Kids Kouture


Allure Kids Kouture


Sabrin, Giselle, & Clay





A special thanks to Tiffany & the staff at Sapphire Ink PR for the Media Invite!

Until the next CHIC event falls into my lap, I shall carry on being a Fashionista & Belle in the City….

– Belle in the City Giselle 


For more information about Fashion Bazaar III: Global Phenomenon, click here!

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