Intecoo Panel Series Shares Hacks, Habits & Hustle of Industry Leaders

May 27th, 2016– (ATLANTA, GA)– Consider this: what happens when you invite a diverse group of industry leaders to share major keys on hacks, habits & hustle—-in a room full of millennials?


Guests are left with a list of hacks to use, books to read–and apps to download.


The Intecoo Panel Series took place last evening at General Assembly, located in Atlanta’s largest adaptive reuse project, Ponce City Market. Intecoo aims to connect brands with influencers to share cool experiences.

As guests arrived to mix and mingle, they enjoyed light tapas catered by Chef Nilka Hendricks, owner of Chef’n It Up and Hpnotiq cocktails compliments of Ferrari Simmons and Hipnotiq.





The Panel

When it comes to achieving success, there is no age requirement, but it does require a keen understanding of self-discipline, time management, and fearlessness.


  • Joey Womack, Founder & CEO – Amplify 4 Good

  • Austin Walton, Founder Walton Sports Management

  • Angela Watts, Founder RAGTRADE ATLANTA

  • Paris “PK” Kirk, Manager of Label Services- Tunecore

As we collectively design the New Atlanta, our panelists offered practical advice on how guests can adopt new habits to be more productive in their personal and professional lives.


Joey is founder of A4G, which is a social enterprise designed to rapidly solve some of the world’s toughest problems. But with all of the projects he currently manages, guests were dying to know HOW? How is one person able to stay productive, and inspired through the daily hustle towards fulfilling the agency’s mission?

Hack: Joey encouraged guests to NOT get excited about meetings. A meeting is nothing unless it leads to a new customer, partnership, or financial gain. But, Joey  did introduce us to his virtual personal assistant, AMY, who is actually Artificial Intelligence-– a robot. She helps manage calendars and appointments for him, so he can focus on the work.

Amy,  Joey’s Assistant found on X.AI.

Solving Problems > Good Ideas

Joey shared how he met his now A4G Board Member, Jewel Burks, who is one of Atlanta’s Top Millennial Startup Founders. Her business, Part Pic, aims to solve a massive problem across industries and has the potential of being a billion dollar business thanks to rapid problem solving. 

Don’t Solve Wack Ass Problems! — Joey



Austin was the CEO Millennial voice of the Panel, and notes his youth as a competitive advantage in the demanding sports agent industry. One of his most valuable tips was to truly bet on yourself and play with SKIN IN THE GAME!

You have to put everything you have into something–whether it’s your idea, business, or skill set— and be willing to lose it all for what you’re saying. –Austin

Habit: Austin shared a time where he invited a guest to stay at his house in Atlanta over the weekend. He’d only met him twice, and they kept in touch over the years. This house guest turned into a major client for his agency, and it all stemmed from a casual housing guest invite.


Angela sees no limit when it comes to expressing and living her art. Through her experience and relationships birthed at 10 Squared, she decided to nurture her passion for fashion with Ragtrade Atlanta, founded in 2013.

Hustle: Learn from your mentors! Angela made a strong stance on how a lot of younger people simply think they know more than they actually do. You have to be humble and willing to put in work. Social media is nice, but nothing compares to having a real relationship with someone.

I could not have started RAGTRADE ATLANTA without real relationships! — Angela


PK has been in the music industry for over 10 years, and is in the process of transitioning into new arenas. PK notes being out and about as the most valuable component of the hustle.

Hustle: Be a people’s person. If you have 5 friends in each city, you can expand your network tremendously. Those friends can plug you into the right events, and you can leave with five new relationships.

Atlanta is one of the most popping cities in the United States! 100 Million+ people come through our airport every year. Be a host, build those relationships. –PK


Intelligently COOL

The Panel Series is a glimpse behind the story of Intecoo–an experiential marketing firm that connects influencers with brands that do cool shit.

Check out some of our action shots from last evening, thanks to Shot by Sed.



A special thank you to our panelist, guests, and partners for playing such an integral role in making this event a success!


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