Atlanta Startup Crawl: Ponce City Market Edition

Dear Travelers,

Spring is in the air–with a slight chance of thunderstorms, rain, and tornadoes– but I am enjoying every bit of this new season in Atlanta. I’ve coined myself as  Belle in the City, simply stated: southern belle (origin Alabama) living in the big city (or something like a big city according to southern standards) with so much to explore! This season kicks off a perfect excuse to wear those flowery dresses, reconnect with old friends, and get to know what’s happening in Atlanta!

One of the many reasons I love Atlanta? It’s multi-dimensional. Although we are best known for our entertainment scene and the plethora of movies filmed right here in the heart of downtown, we have a lot MORE to offer those traveling in and around A-T-L.

Don’t know where to start?

Find your way via Giselle Avenue– punt intended.

Atlanta Startup Crawl: Ponce City Market Edition

Startup Crawl 2

Last week, I had a chance to hear from some of the hottest startups coming out of Atlanta during the Atlanta Startup Crawl: Ponce City Market Edition. The event aims to expose a few of the many tech companies, solving BIG problems, right here in Atlanta. Innovation is the new black, and with tech companies popping up left and right, it’s crucial to stay in-the-know so you don’t get left behind!

Another advantage of attending events like Atlanta Startup Crawl is creating opportunities to hear from companies during the early stages of business. Just imagine, Snapchat most likely attended startup events all around Silicon Valley prior to becoming the social giant they are today.

Besides, who doesn’t love sharing new, exciting ideas with family and friends?

Innovation is the New Black.

StartUp Crawl 1

This month’s event took place at Ponce City Market, a frequent destination here on The Ave. We explored some of the office spaces dedicated to growing the Atlanta tech community, such as Industrious Ponce City Market, General Assembly, and TechStars Atlanta Accelerator.


sc 6

Did I mention some of your favorite apps are ran out of Industrious PCM? Instacart, Spotify, and Pinterest to name a few!

They actually just celebrated their grand opening earlier this year!

Of course, I was there…


Overall, I left the event with (5) potential new clients and a host of overdue salutations such as— “Heeeeey how have you been, how are things going with your company?” Here on The Ave.– social content is our thing. We specialize in helping tech companies create dope content to attract and reach new audiences! Want to know more? Give us a holler!

Above all else, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Charlton Cunningham, the man with the execution plan behind the vision of Startup Atlanta.  Thank you to Freddy Castro for the amazing images, and there’s already a killer recap video by Daniel Kosmala!

The ultimate goal of this organization is to grown and connect the Atlanta startup ecosystem. I must say, the Atlanta Startup Crawl: Ponce City Market Edition did just that!

SC 8

sc 9

If you’re interested in the Atlanta Tech community, or you just want to learn more about the new technologies coming out of Atlanta, I encourage you to join the Startup Atlanta network!

Unleashing the Inner-Techie in You,


Photo Credit: Freddy Castro









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