What’s the Most Difficult Choice You’ve Had to Make to Fulfill Your Destiny?

It was a mellow, lazy, Sunday morning, and after a loooong weekend– I simply decided to make some tea, and lay in bed. I did what any soulful woman would do– I turned on the television to Mama Oprah’s network, to my favorite on-demand programming: Super Soul Sunday.

This episode really sparked my interest. It was a collection of remarks from previous guests; sharing their most enlightening moments of their career.

One question, in particular, really stood out to me, on the topic of destiny. They say anything worth having is worth fighting for, does this same concept apply to reaching your life’s destiny? If so, what difficult decisions come along with one’s determination to reach their life’s calling?

I asked myself:


There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s definitely worth discussing. To be brutally honest, a year ago, I don’t even think I could answer this question whole-heartedly. It would have been limited to my own, narrow understanding of what I should be doing versus what I’m naturally allowing to manifest in my life. The most difficult decision I’ve had to make is learning to let go of the past so I can move, confidently, towards my destiny. The past is really limited to how I remember it, but what if it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’ve been thinking?

See, this is what set me free: the past belongs to those who spend their time dwelling on it. The gag: the past has no place right now– or in the future.

The goal is to move forward, and to fill yourself up with new experiences and new stories, so you can create the future you want! Is it simple? No, it’s gonna cost.

I asked a few of my connections on Twitter, and this is what I learned:

What’s the Most Difficult Choice You’ve Had to Make to Fulfill Your Destiny?



What about you? What’s the most difficult decision you’ve had to make? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Until then, keep making those difficult decisions so you can live your life— on your terms.

-Belle in the City

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Author: Goddess Giselle

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