Yolaskitchen 2 Year Anniversary Friendsgiving Dinner Party

Millennials love Friendsgiving.


It’s that time of year again and Millennials near and far are gathering with close friends—- before the actual Thanksgiving holiday— in celebration of a new phenomenon among millennials #Friendsgiving This popular tradition has gained a ton of traction over the past five years and has evolved into a hashtag to follow on social media, as young adults dine with their chosen family, via Friendsgiving. 

This year was my first official Friendsgiving and I was so happy to attend not only as a brand consultant, but as someone who truly values intimate gatherings among peers. Our Consumer Services and Entertainment Client here on Giselle Ave., Yolaskitchen, rolled out the red carpet earlier this month at the Yolaskitchen Two Year Anniversary Friendsgiving Dinner Party! I’m here to give you an inside view of what’s cooking in Yolaskitchen and what dinner party guests are saying about this exclusive event.

About Yolaskitchen

Created in 2016, Yolaskitchen is a lifestyle brand that connects culturally inquisitive friends, over an intimate, unique, dining experience. Guests are invited to dine with Culinary Artist, Adeola S. as she prepares a custom theme inspired food menu, selected by guests of Yolaskitchen. 

The 2 Year Anniversary Friendsgiving Dinner Party released 30 tickets, sold at $20 each for dinner party guests to experience Yolaskitchen, while connecting with peers residing here in Metro Atlanta. What makes this event so unique is that it remains invite-only and attracts and exclusive array of personalities, appetites, and foodies– interested in experiencing new food, and meeting new friends.

Featured Menu Items

Yolaskitchen Two Year Anniversary
Friendsgiving Dinner Party

Turkey Gumbo

Ciabatta Bread w/Olive Oil

Mixed Salad

Mojo Chicken

Braised Pork Chops

Roasted Lamb Shoulder w/ Chimichurri Sauce

Suya-Spiced Short Ribs (contains nuts)

Creamy Coconut Grits

Crawfish Mac & Cheese (contains shellfish)

Efo – Turnip Greens, Nigerian Style

Smothered Red Potatoes

Jollof Rice

Skillet Cornbread

Efo – Turnip Greens, Nigerian Style
Roasted Lamb Shoulder w/ Chimichurri Sauce
Dinner Rolls
Turkey Gumbo

Guest Experience

Guests were greeted with a warm welcome from myself, Giselle, Brand Consultant for Yolaskitchen, and Adeoloa, Creator of Yolaskitchen and Self-Taught Culinary Artist. Additionally, guests were entertained by an exclsuive Yolaskitchen Afro-Trap playist, featuring popular artists including Davido, Wizkid, and a preview of Atlanta-native’s Awesomeisjayell’s latest release “Bare Maximum.” 

Here’s the WOW factor: Adeola prepared this ENTIRE spread— for 30+ guests, by herself! Not only was every dish homemade, Adeola hand delivered the items (it was a quick walk next door, but still)— to the event location! Not to mention, every dish turned out incredibly delicious!

One thing I look for when working with clients is the WOW factor, because that’s what makes an inspiring story. After attending my first Yolaskitchen Dinner Party, all I can say is …WOW!

Welcome to Yolaskitchen 
Mixed Salad
Fresh Fruit
Efo – Turnip Greens, Nigerian Style
Crawfish Mac & Cheese (contains shellfish) 
(Left) Suya-Spiced Short Ribs (Right) Creamy Coconut Grits
Jollof Rice
Smothered Red Potatoes

Bringing the Vision, to the Pan.

Guests are invited to experience Yolaskitchen’s vision of great food, fellowship, and friends; by helping themselves to the buffet style dinner spread. Thanks to the buffet style spread– no one is too shy for seconds, or thirds! Yes, to-go plates are mandatory, and encouraged. As an added touch, Adeola creates a specialty drink for each dinner party that pairs perfectly with the evenings’ menu. For the Friendsgiving Dinner Party? Yolas’ Spice of Life: a smooth, cider/rum-inspired fall cocktail!


Featured Specialty Cocktail: Yola’s Spice of Life!
Yolaskitchen Dinner Party Guests
Yolaskitchen Dinner Party Guests
Yolasktichen Friendsgiving 2 Year Anniversary 

A message from Creator & Culinary Artist, Adeola “Yola” of Yolaskitchen:

“Since I was 5, I’ve always wanted to cook. I remember on library day as a kid, I would get the Cookbook for Kids book and read it from cover to cover. I love trying new recipes and especially enjoy cooking for family and close friends. Its always a surprise to learn which dish is most popular among dinner party guests. My favorite from this dinner party was the Suya-Spiced Short Ribs! They were apparently a hit — there were no leftovers! Yolaskitchen is my passion project, but I can’t wait to see what opportunities arise as I bring my vision for food, family and fellowship– to the pan.”

-Adeola S.

Creator of Yolaskitchen

(L) Adeola, Creator of Yolaskitchen (R) Giselle, Brand Consultant of Yolaskitchen

Yolaskitchen is a growing lifestyle brand that invites guests to simply— come hungry! This event was a sure treat, and the food was the icing on the cake! Speaking of cake— a special thank you and shoutout to our dessert sponsor, Michael Lowe, of Not Just Cakes ATL, for our delicious Autumn-themed cupcakes!

Not Just Cakes ATL

For more interviews, catering, and special event planning, please contact Giselle Warren at info@GiselleAve.com. Follow Yolaskitchen across all social @Yolaskitchen and @YolaskitchenATL on Facebook!


Photography Solutions provided by Yell-Air Films.
This event is sponsored by Giselle Ave.

Author: Goddess Giselle

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