Founder | CEO at Giselle Ave.

Giselle Climpson, MPA

I’m Giselle, a Southern Belle living in the big city and my purpose in life is to help people find their voice, and be heard. I’m a fearless founder, representing the entrepreneurial spirit of millennial leaders making strides across industries including Digital Media, Branding, and Business Consulting. I’m a Subject Matter Expert in Brand Storytelling and Consulting.

I started my career as a blogger and freelancer in 2012, paving my own way throughout the Southern Region and East Coast. In 2015, I created Giselle Ave. an international blog & media agency creating original content on popular music, style, and culture. My side-hustle helped me land my dream job and once the job ended, I realized I wanted to create my dream LIFE. Our lives are much more than our occupation, but what if you could make a living off of doing what you love?

That’s what I did for myself, and I believe I will help thousands of others do it too.

I created my signature service A Talk With Giselle, as a way to help 100,000 people grow their brand, increase revenue, and tell their story. I love working with clients that are interested in taking the steps necessary to create their dream lives through art and creativity.

Giselle Ave. is a 100% black-owned, woman-owned, woman-led, and independently ran company.

Most of all, I’m an advocate for finding and doing the work you love because this is the true key to happiness in life. Money, fame, fortune, good jobs with great pay — all of these things are fleeting. Your passion and desire to live out your life’s biggest dreams, that’s something that can never be taken away from you.

Giselle in the News

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Meet Giselle of Giselle Ave. in Downtown Atlanta, 2017

Instructor, General Assembly Atlanta, 2016

For more information, please email us at info@giselleave.com


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