Giselle Climpson, Creator of Giselle Ave.


Welcome to Giselle Avenue

I’m Giselle, Creator of Giselle Avenue, and my purpose is to express my divine being through art.

I started my career as an artist over a decade ago, paving my own way in the world, offering my talents and skills of writing, storytelling, dance, spoken word, ideation, masterminding, brand design, and creativity.

I was inspired to create Giselle Avenue because there were no visible black women in the space of Art, Marketing, and Communications, so I became her. I grew discouraged when I would apply for roles and see that the teams were all white, all men –or all white and men.

Since graduating from a PWI, I struggled with being seen and having my voice be heard, especially back when I was in school (the brink of social media). But, I knew my steps were ordered, and this journey helped me birth something even more amazing. 

I created a solution to this problem and I’ve been pioneering this pathway of black creators ever since— fearlessly.

In 2015, I created Giselle Avenue (Giselle Ave. for short) — a digital media company and e-commerce business, as a space to fully express myself.

Right now, I am living my dream life. 

Giselle Avenue is 100% black-owned, woman-owned, woman-led, and independently ran company.

I’m an advocate for being who you truly are.

Many things are fleeting. But your passion for life is what makes you, you.

Discover the essence of who you truly are, and bring that expression forward.

Thank you for traveling on:




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