Brand Story

Giselle W. Climpson | Lifestyle Blogger
Founder & Digital Creator of Giselle Avenue

Welcome to Giselle Avenue

Welcome to Giselle Avenue, a media company that specializes in digital marketing and personal branding…. with a popular a global lifestyle blog!

Originally pop culture and lifestyle blog, Giselle Avenue has grown to become a leading creative consultancy firm, helping people tell their stories and craft their brands.

Our founder, Giselle, is a storyteller at heart and a passionate advocate for emerging digital trends in social media and Web 3. Since starting the company in 2015, Giselle has employed fellow creatives and continues to grow and evolve the company daily.

What We Offer

At Giselle Avenue, we offer digital marketing services to clients in the science and technology space, as well as signature personal branding services to qualified small business owners. We are proud to be a 100% black-owned, woman-owned, woman-led, and independently run company.

Work With Us

Check out our latest Six-Step Personal Branding Masterclass and other Professional Services available on Giselle Ave!

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