Find Your Voice, Be Heard.

We help clients grow their brand, increase revenue, and tell their story.

Giselle Ave. started as a lifestyle blog in 2012 where readers came to learn more about tech, branding, fashion, and events around Atlanta. Giselle Ave. later evolved from a lifestyle blog into a brand turned business and was officially open for business in January 2015.


Giselle Ave. is a Media Agency offering consulting services for clients in need of innovative business strategy. We work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts in design, technology, and project management, to help us provide the best product for our clients.


Our mission is to use strategic communications to help clients grow their brand, increase revenue, and tell their story.

Business Sectors

We service clients across six different industries:

Entertainment, Technology, Consumer Products & Services, Non-Profit, and Personal Branding


Innovation, Professionalism, Organization, Transparency, Successfully Managing Client Expectations, Creativity, Health and Wellness, High Achievement

We are the light of the world, and uphold principles that shed light on the positive aspects of the human experience. We believe in divine order and a higher power that uses our firm to ignite positive energy, passion, and opportunity for all.


Giselle Warren, MPA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Giselle, also known as Belle in the City, is a Millennial CEO representing the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generation of leaders making strides across industries including Branding, Entertainment, Consumer Products/Services, and Tech.  Giselle serves as a Subject Matter Expert in Storytelling, Project Management, and Public Relations.

Most of all, Giselle is an advocate for finding and doing the work you love because this is the true key to happiness in life. Money, fame, fortune, good jobs with great pay — all of these things are fleeting. Your passion and desire to live out your life’s biggest dreams, that’s something that can never be taken away from you.

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Giselle in the News

Giselle’s Media Kit 2019

Corderius Climpson

Chief Operations Officer


Corderius is an innovator, businessman, and creative problem-solver; bringing practical, real-world experiences to the Avenue. Corderius optimizes our company’s operating capabilities, employs strategies to maximize customer satisfaction and manages marketing initiatives. Additionally, Corderius assists in compiling the company’s budget, and implements strategies to grow and scale the business.

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Briea Curington



Briea Curington is a southern girl with big city dreams who has a knack for creative storytelling. After surviving the fast-paced agency life, she set her sights on independent consultancy and never looked back! She has helped businesses across all industries develop the strategic digital presence needed to truly blossom in the ever-changing space. She tables each assignment with the idea that we all have a unique story; it’s just waiting to be manifested.

When she’s not live tweeting or catching up on her fave Shondaland shows, you can find her work on some really cool sites such as Glamazons Blog, OnGiselleAve.com, The Jasmine Brand, and BoldenUSA.com, just to name a few. She’s always excited to connect with other dynamic creatives — with a cup of coffee in tow.

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Darin Dabney



Darin K. Dabney is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida, with experience in public relations, marketing and social media. She is also a passionate dancer, which she uses to maintain the balance between her analytical and creative sides. She loves talking about pop culture and her favorite show is “A Different World.” We happily welcome Darin to our creative playground— formerly known as Giselle Ave.

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To learn more about our team, please contact us at info@giselleave.com



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