Ask the Expert – How to Win in Today’s Job Market


Ask the Expert

We’ve got a new series on the blog: Ask the Expert on Giselle Ave.! We want to shed light on subject matter experts across industries including tech, government, entertainment, recruiting, professional services, entrepreneurship and consumer goods!

Our first expert is Veronica Jenkins, co-founder and head of global talent acquisition at Hive Talent Acquisition Firm. As an expert in recruiting, Veronica’s HR background includes social media, recruiting and networking. We asked her to share some dos, don’ts and tips on winning in today’s job market!


Giselle Ave. (GA): What do you do as the head of global talent acquisition at Hive?

Veronica Jenkins (VJ): As head of global talent acquisition, it’s my responsibility to make sure everything related to a candidate is in place.

GA: What are some common mistakes you see job-seekers make?

VJ: The most common mistake I see is “multi-challenged” candidates with a lot of skills utilizing the same resume to apply every job across the board.

GA: What are the challenges you think creatives face in today’s job market?

VJ: I think there are multi-faceted challenges. We have a multi-generational workforce full of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials. The real challenge is trying to get hiring managers to understand everyone’s strengths.

GA: What are some advantages and disadvantages that intra-preneurs have in the job market (an intra-prenuer being someone who promotes development within a company they already work for)?

VJ: I encourage all candidates to be that person; you want to have a voice wherever you end up. The advantage is that you can create change no matter your level. The disadvantage is the same thing: people will be resistant to change and may not see the value in your ideas.

GA: Do you see any similarities between young creatives & millennials and their mid-senior level coworkers?

VJ: The main similarity I see is the concept of doing a great job and impressing the big boss. Everyone wants to do well and do it well the first time. It doesn’t change between generations.

GA: What advice would you give to those who are trying to enter a different field?

VJ: To keep an open mind. I interact with many candidates who switch fields. They think no one will give them a chance, but I talk with them and highlight some transferable skills they didn’t know they have. The whole process prepares them for that next experience.

GA: What about those who are over-qualified? How do they survive in this job market if they have “too much” education or work experience for the job they want?

VJ: I don’t like telling candidates they’re overqualified. I believe everyone should be a life-long learner because there is always something to be learned. Be upfront about why you want the position if you are “overqualified.” Present yourself in a humble manner and say what you intend to do.

GA: How do you suggest people network in this job market?

VJ: It varies per industry. I think the most important thing to do before you step out is understanding the industry you’re trying to work in. You need to know the different organizations, groups and people and where they’re going to be.


To contact Veronica, reach out to her on LinkedIn. To learn more about HIVE, please visit their website.

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