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The rapid growth of social media has called for a creative twist on how to get your product or service in front of the right audience. This rapid change has impacted all industries– especially music. Of course, there’s nothing like being able to access all of your favorite artists, on-demand, using a music streaming platform— I’m more of an Apple Music type of girl myself– but nothing can replace a live music experience.

That’s why our client as seen in Sheen Magazine, rising rap sensation #DIYMusicPioneer Awesomeisjayell has been on a mission to bring the Awesomeisjayell experience to fans in real life, across popular venues here in Atlanta!

April 2019 | Exposure Open Mic Atlanta
April 2019 | Exposure Open Mic Atlanta

Awesomeisjayell, also known as the Do-It-Yourself Music Pioneer, is an Atlanta-native, bringing 10+ years of industry experience to his music career. After walking away from a music deal early in his career, Awesomeisjayell evolved into a music pioneer, eager to put in the groundwork to lay the proper foundation for himself as both a Music Artist and Entrepreneur.

April 2019 | Dope Sounds ATL
April 2019 | Dope Sounds ATL
April 2019 | Dope Sounds ATL

With all the hype of internet sensations and rap artists emerging from clout-chasing antics, it’s rare to come across an artist who aims to stay true to the independent culture of what it means to build their fanbase from the ground up.

In his single, “ETHERNET” you can hear first-hand how Awesomeisjayell views the popular culture of “disrespect to get respect.”

Let’s just say– he’s choosing a higher road.

April 2019 | Exposure Open Mic

Although signing a deal seems like to easiest route to take as a rising music artist, Aweosmiesjayell finds joy in planting his own seeds and watching them grow. Since releasing his self-titled debut album, Awesomeisjayell, —he has written and produced 14+ original songs, published 6 music videos, and launched his own production company Yell-Air, which is comprised of three different divisions: sound, film, and design.

April 2019 | Dope Sounds Atlanta

Awesomeisjayell is in it for the long-haul, and his commitment to both his creative integrity and building authentic relationships is what keeps the fire burning.

Artisand Bar and Gallery May 2019

May 2019 | Indie Fest Atlanta
May 2019 | Indie Fest Atlanta.
May 2019 | Indie Fest Atlanta.

Above all, music is business. Its crucial for indie artists to make sure they are protecting their art and getting paid what their music is worth. Streaming services are the most popular ways users consume music, but what about the artist? How does the artist make sure he or she is getting paid properly? This process, takes time. In fact, research and restructuring is necessary to protect yourself as an artist.

After taking a 18-month break from live performances to lay a proper foundation for music distribution, Awesomeisjayell decided it was time to get back on stage. But, this was not so easy to do at the first few performances:

“The first two shows, I was getting back into the groove of things. But, then I tapped into the groove of what I was doing before. Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal, performance.”


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May 2019 | Indie Fest Atlanta.

So…. what’s next? Awesomeisjayell recently expanded his service offerings at Yell-Air to include video and sound production, as well as music consulting for indie artists looking to get their start in the music industry.

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April 2019 | Indie Fest ATL
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April 2019 | Indie Fest ATL

Awesomeisjayell will be performing TONIGHT at the all-new Whole Foods Market in Midtown Atlanta for an evening rooftop experience. For more information and bookings, please email us directly at or give us a call at 770.687.3841. 


View the Awesomeisjayell Media Kit 2020


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