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Atlanta, GA., August 2nd, 2019 / Giselle Ave. Media — Is it normal to tell yourself Happy Birthday? Well, who cares, I’m saying it: Happy Birthday Giselle! It’s Belle in the City Giselle, so excited to share another birthday celebration with my frequent travelers here on Giselle Ave. When I started Giselle Ave. in 2012, I was eager to use my voice to tell the stories that inspired me most. I used Giselle Ave. as my creative outlet and side hustle, while working in a job that was highly analytical and allowed zero self-expression. I value living my truth in my profession, so I continued to pour my heart and soul into Giselle Ave. I had no idea it would evolve into a well-known Media Agency and notable brand that houses original content on music, style, and culture. The Giselle Ave. blog has garnered a GLOABL readership, including 89 different countries worldwide! There are 195 countries in the world, and we currently reach 45% of the WORLD! #WOW

Back then, there weren’t many minority-led media companies, and women-owned businesses were not as popular as they are today. Fast forward to 2019, just 7 years later, and I’m pioneering my own way here on Giselle Ave. My side-hustle helped me land my dream job, and that role showed me why I wanted to have more than a dream job. I wanted to live my dream life: a work in-progress.

Thanks to the success of our signature service here on Giselle Ave.– A Talk With Giselle, I’ve decided to launch a NEW consulting business. I’m on a mission to help 100,000 people grow their brands, increase revenue, and tell their stories. I’m super excited to share more on that very, very soon.

Today, I’m writing this post from the perspective of living my dream life, right now.


Belle in the City takes Southern Belle Farms


This year, I am bringing in my birthday in a totally different way. In my 20s I did what most people do on their birthday: turn up, have some drinks, celebrate with friends, and toast to the good life! But this year, y’all my spirit is just different. Chapter 30 was transformative, so this year I wanted to do what I actually wanted to do: visit this cool farm I’d read about online, maybe even pick some fresh fruit!

I call myself Belle in the City because I’m a Southern Belle– originally from Huntsville, AL — living out my life’s dreams in the city — in Downtown Atlanta, GA. My everyday life includes the daily hustle and bustle of city living– Ubers everywhere, laundromats, movie sets pop-up constantly, loft living, constant nightlife, and there’s always something to do, and somewhere to be. So this year, I wanted to get away from the city and take a moment to enjoy the great outdoors, via Southern Belle Farms, located in McDonough, GA (my hubby’s hometown!) Last summer, we attended my husband’s family reunion on a black-owned farm in Griffin, GA.– filled with acres of land, animals, and good times. Perhaps my Southern roots are showing, but I truly enjoyed the ease and complete silence of the country living while on my latest adventure to Southern Belle Farms.

A2FE19A2-B291-4730-B697-8506E1DA15DE.JPGThis farm is owned by the Jimmy Carter family and is an eight generation old, family tradition. As seen on the Southern Belle Farms website, the farm’s mission is to:

Honor our God given family heritage to create a wholesome atmosphere, which strengthens family bonds within our communities and staff, while educating the public about agriculture.

Southern Belle Farms, est. 1938

My husband and I plan to continue the celebration into the weekend, but wow y’all I’m an actual adult now! We are planning our wedding reception, I’m launching a NEW business, and I’m settling into my new role as a wife, and full-time entrepreneur. I’ve got so much purpose-driven work to complete while I’m here, and I’m blessed to be able to live my truth, and operate in my purpose.

Chapter 30 Continues

I finally realize what Jay-Z meant by coining the phrase “30 is the new 20.” By 30, you finally realize who you are, instead of living for who you THINK you’re “SUPPOSED” to be. By 30, you understand why the grown folks always say “girl, you are so young, you better live it up!” By 30, you understand why people come in seasons. By 30, you start prioritizing YOUR peace, instead of giving your love away so freely.

Year 30 taught me how to be SELFISH—-but in a self-love kind of way.

6846FE83-D8B7-4E61-9EA7-AE1294380238.JPGChapter 30 was the game-changing year I’d been praying for, my entire life. Chapter 30 marked a NEW THING in me, and I’m so enamored by God’s perfect timing and His promises to those who believe in His Power. When I look back at content I used to share on social media in my roaring 20s, I would think: wow, I was SO far GONE. I made a lot of stupid mistakes in my 20s, but I charge it to my youth. I’ve never been afraid to fail, and I have zero regrets. Though I experienced a lot of loss, pain, grief, depression, and time alone in my 20s, it built my character and helped me embrace the woman I am today.8DD876C3-900A-46FE-ACA4-3424184E66CA.JPGChapter 30 taught me how to truly expect MIRACLES. Ask, and you shall RECEIVE. Our purpose lays dormant inside of us, UNTIL we decide to wake up, and breathe LIFE into it…. take the first step. The highlight of Chapter 30 was becoming Mrs. Climpson. True love brings us back to ourselves, and I feel like I’m finally back to who I was when I came to this Earth. 



Today, I welcome Year 1 of Chapter 30.

I’m going to stop counting so literally after this, so don’t ask. 

DAFA91CA-780C-4181-9F1E-9BADB35293FF.JPG38E3F020-2B2D-41DA-A3B0-54F90A8175E1.JPGPURPOSE, is that you? I see you God, sending new opportunities, new clients, new site traffic, new genuine relationships, new ways to improve myself…. NEW LEVELS, NEW BLESSINGS OVERFLOWING, NEW SEEDS, new income streams, new trips….. A NEW SEASON! I’m feeling a shift in the atmosphere for two reasons:

1) A new year of life

2) The Number 8, spiritually— represents a new beginning, and is a symbol of abundance in ALL areas of life, especially in your finances. I’m prepared for what God is doing in my life, because I’m living and operating on a NEW LEVEL. 


A Complete Original

6846FE83-D8B7-4E61-9EA7-AE1294380238.JPGThis is how I choose to describe myself nowadays, “A Complete Original.” The story you tell yourself is the MOST important story of them all. I’ve always viewed myself as a Queen— a leader, a lover, a divine feminine Goddess, a pioneer woman, a believer, a woman of substance, an intellect, a giver, a teacher, a nurturer…. A Complete Original.  But quite frankly, on some days, the narrator in my head says I’m just a black girl from Alabama, I’m not good enough, I don’t have any real friends, I don’t deserve this kind of love, I wasn’t supposed to make it this far, I don’t fit into ANY groups.. is it me? I need to lose weight, I need more stuff, I want a fancier car, I want a bigger loft, my hair is hard to manage… is this adulthood? WHO AM I?!
Then I decided to let it GO! I let go of all the negative self-talk and decided to empower thoughts that support my mental health, and self-growth. This world teaches us to want more, to look outside of ourselves for the answers, and to never be satisfied with right now.

BUT GOD’S word says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”
Here I stand, transformed.

EDA6661E-E79F-4869-B3D0-5D61858A23C8.JPGYour self-worth comes from within. Regardless of how you feel, or what that negative self-talk says about you…. know that You are Loved, You are Beautiful, and You are QUALIFIED to live your best life, bountifully and fearlessly!

Someone once told me, “You’ve always moved to the beat of your own drum.”

My response? #FACTS


I’ve created a playlist that includes 31 songs that perfectly describe my current mood.

You can stream it here: Giselle’s Birthday Playlist on Apple Music. 

This is 31 and I’m doing SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOOOOD! (Destiny’s Child Voice)

I’m thriving, fabulous, and focused…. and I’m enjoying life, RIGHT NOW!

Belle in the City, Giselle 


Photography by Yell-Air Films
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Author: Goddess Giselle

Welcome to My World of Imagination! I’m Giselle, also known as Goddess Giselle. I’m the Founder and Creator of Giselle Avenue - a space in the metaverse to fully express myself. When I'm not creating here on the Ave. I'm spending time with my loving Husband, Corderius and our long-haired 5 year-old, gray cat -- Mister Sidney. Thank you for traveling, be sure to stop by every page here on the site!

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