How Rap Artist Awesomeisjayell Is Responding to COVID-19 by Dropping New Music

April 10th 2020, Atlanta, GA / Giselle Ave. Media — As the world continues to adjust to life in quarantine, some creators are using this time to push their own personal boundaries by being more productive than ever. While many families have been personally impacted by COVID-19 in an unfortunate way– the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, cancelling plans, postponing life events, or even fighting the virus itself; others are focused on creating their own ways to cope with adjusting to the world as we know it. We’ve seen many businesses pivot from creating luxury handbags, to making face masks and other protective gear that’s currently in high demand. The event production team responsible for setting up stages at Coachella, has pivoted to providing coronavirus triage tents.  Some local restaurants are temporarily closed, or closed for good. Others are offering curbside pick-up, take-home cocktails, and hot Easter Dinner as ways to stay in business amid the current global pandemic. And this is only the beginning.

Every industry is being impacted, but what about the music industry? How are music artists overcoming the challenge of not being able to go on tour, headline festivals, or create new music in public music studios? Forbes reports the cost for musicians as COVID-19 stops the music, but is there more to this story?

If you ask Rap Artist Awesomeisjayell, he would say: the music never really stops, it just evolves with the times. 

Single Artwork for “917” by Awesomeisjayell 

Awesomeisjayell is a self-taught Rap Artist, possessing every skill needed to emulate the works of traditional record labels, music production studios, and digital marketing agencies. Believe it or not, Awesomeisjayell’s entire process remains independent of the very systems we’re watching come to a complete halt — right in front of our very eyes. In his early career, Awesomeisjayell was a member of the promising rap trio, The Lunch Break. The group got signed to a record label early on. But due to extreme creative differences, Awesomeisjayell decided to leave the group and embark on his own journey as a solo music artist. This solo journey opened doors for Awesomeisjayell to hone in on new skills, and as a result? He’s managed to thrive in the midst of the current global pandemic, thanks to his ability to write, record, produce, mix, master, design music cover artwork, and publish all of his own music through his record label- Yell-Air Sound. 

In January 2020, Awesomeisjayell released his second studio album titled Things You Don’t See, available to stream and download on his official website — Awesomeisjayell (dot) com. He’s also launched his online store, where fans can support his mission by purchasing exclusive Awesomeisjayell merchandise, and digital downloads of his newly released music.

More recently, Awesomeisjayell started mixing and mastering his own music, which inevitably cuts the middle man out of his music production process. Additionally, he’s released 8 brand new singles, and even released a new song– TODAY!

His latest single, ULTRA NOVA is now streaming everywhere music is sold!

Single Artwork for ULTRA NOVA by Awesomeisjayell 

While everyone else is wondering when things are going to get back to “normal,” Awesomeisjayell is busy creating a new normal. Awesomeisjayell has set the BOLD intention to release new, original, music daily with no samples, and no features.

Whether its investing in a home recording studio, hosting live music performances via social media, or learning how to truly create your own music– music artists may want to follow the leadership of Do-It-Yourself Music Pioneer Awesomeisjayell by adopting the widely accepted DIY approach to making the most out of their journey in the evolving music industry.

Music is my passion, it’s my life. When people hear my music, they’ll see that too.

— Awesomeisjayell

Rap Artist Awesomeisjayell is responding to COVID-19 by staying safe, staying inside, and releasing new music for fans to stay inspired and on a high frequency during these uncertain times.


For more information, visit Awesomeisjayell’s Official Website.



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