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Atlanta, GA / Giselle Ave. Media — It’s easy to argue that rap music will never be the same. From mumble rap, to gangster rap, to rap beef—-many of our favorite rappers of today fit perfectly into one of the subcategories of rap music—but what about the artists who don’t?

This is the best way to describe Awesomeisjayellself-taught rapper, producer, and songwriter, from Atlanta- who takes a new-school approach to music by creating his own lane as the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Music Pioneer.

Not Your Average Rapper from Atlanta

As a native of McDonough, GA located in Metro Atlanta, Awesomeisjayell is one of the few rappers coming out of Atlanta— who is actually from Atlanta! #OldAtlanta He attributes much of his appreciation of music to his parents’ taste level in music. His mother and father would always purchase the latest music released from the local music store in Atlanta, and it was almost like love at first listen.

“I remember when Outkast dropped Aquemini. My mom bought a copy of the tape and me and my brother used to listen to it while we played video games.

This is the most nostalgic memory I have about when I first started listening to rap music.” – Awesomeisjayell 

Awesomeisjayell pays homage to legendary music pioneers including Outkast, Jay-Z, Prince, The Dungeon Family, and his all-time favorite, Michael Jackson. Eager to submerge himself in hip-hop, Awesomeisjayell began his rap career in 2004 under the name Jayell, which was derived from the combination of Jay- from Jay-Z; and ell , from the late Big L, an American hip-hop recording artist.


Awesomeisjayell is no stranger to rap dreams turned reality. In the summer of 2008, Awesomeisjayell partnered with Mike Cease, and J.D.G. to form the Atlanta band, The Lunch Break. The Lunch Break was an Atlanta band that created a mashup of alternative and rap music. The band experienced much success during its tenure, including the release of two EP’s titled: Reduced Lunch EP (2010) and Meals on Mondays: Collection (2011). The Lunch Break also released an album titled Moonwalking On The Sun (2011). After gaining momentum, the band dissolved in 2011 due to extreme creative differences.

Awesomeisjayell: A One-Man Brand

After the band dissolved, Awesomeisjayell continued perfecting his craft, but as a solo artist. He spent a decade perfecting his craft, from his parents’ home.

“I knew I had 2 options: move-out, pay rent and join the rat race or live with my parents, focus on my craft, and make great music that people will love. I worked a 9-5 and used that money to buy quality music equipment for my in-home studio.

It wasn’t easy, but I finally got to a point where I’m ready to share my music with anyone who needs it. My music is for the human experience, there’s something everyone can relate to.” – Awesomeisjayell 

Today, Awesomeisjayell pairs melodic rhythmic vocals with catchy beats to give listeners a melodic rap sound and something to bounce to. His self-titled, debut album tells the story of how Awesomeisjayell spent the last decade focused on writing music, studying different melodies, and learning how to create a new sound using digital instruments. Listeners agree that Awesomeisjayell’s music is unlike anything you can find in the music industry today—and that’s what makes his music unique.

Self-Made– In Real Life

Official Album Artwork: Awesomeisjayell

Want to know the ultimate plot twist to the story of Awesomeisjayell? He writes, records, produces, and self-publishes all of his own music—- and edits all of his own music videos-– through his music publishing and film production company, Yell-Air Sounds.

This renaissance man is a young, passionate artist, eager to share his musical gifts with the world. Awesomeisjayell, the album, releases Friday July 20th on all digital streaming platforms.

No features, no samples, no clout-chasing lyrics to create a fake buzz in the rap scene.

This is not today’s rap music, this is timeless rap music.

Introducing, Awesomeisjayell.



For more information on Awesomeisjayell, watch his latest videos on YouTube and listen to his latest music on SoundCloud. For all performance, media, and press inquiries, please contact Giselle Ave.


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