The Next Dating Shows To Watch This Fall – “Put A Ring On It,” and “Ready To Love – Last Resort,” Now Streaming on OWN

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It’s Giselle here, writing to share some more blog-worthy content for you to watch this Fall on OWN Network! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know I love to keep my ears to the entertainment streets about the latest love, dating, and marriage shows to watch. There’s a new genre trending in 2020: social experiments, and OWN is back with their own take on the current trending TV series genre.

From Netflix’s “Love Is Blind,” to “Married At First Sight,” to sharing my own “Millennial Love Story,” — I think it’s safe to say this once hopeless romantic, is now a powerful Belle in the City, in LOVE!

All lovey dovey-ness aside, the best part about being in a loving relationship is that you learn more about yourself, and the many obstacles of love and dating in general. I’ve seen the horror stories of “dating during a pandemic,” and all I could think of was how Netflix was secretly trying to tell us how to date during quarantine in “Love Is Blind!”

Well, I’m here to share TWO new shows to add to your watch list this Fall. Because, (black) love is clearly in the air!

Put A Ring On It

From Executive Producer Will Packer, and the same network that brought us Black Love, and Love and Marriage Huntsville; “Put A Ring On It,” is now streaming on OWN Network! Put A Ring On It aired this past Friday and features (4) couples that have been together for a while, but they haven’t taken the next step of engagement and putting a ring on it.

Listen, Beyonce knew exactly what she was doing back in 2008 when she released the Single Ladies Anthem— If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it! I watched the first episode and I was immediately hooked. First of all, I knew one of the couples from my own circle here in Atlanta — yes this city is way smaller than you think. Secondly, there’s a huge plot twist: the couples date other people to see whether or not they are really ready for marriage?! Yes, that’s exactly how the show goes.

Atlanta’s Success Strategist, Dr. Nicole LaBeach serves as the relationship therapist and guides the couples along the way.

Photo of (Left) Dr. LaBeach (Right) Cast Members Che & Michael, photo via Ask Dr. Nicole’s Official Website

Overall, this show is a must-watch, and is sure to cause huge debates on social media. Like for starters, would you wait 9 years for marriage? Would you date other people to see if you’re ready for marriage? Do you even believe in marriage in 2020?

Put A Ring On It Airs Fridays at 10/9c on OWN

Ready to Love: Last Resort

Now this show is an OG to the “love social experiment” genre, but every season brings us another perspective on whether or not someone is ready to love. Ready to Love, a dating series from Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment, is a show that brings a collective of 20 heterosexual men and women on their quest for love and commitment. This show is spicy, because for the first time in show history, the couples will live on an exclusive resort together, this entire season!

Ready to Love is moderated by Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, a married, black man, that brings an unbiased perspective to the show’s aspiring couples as they delve into what it takes to commit and show someone you’re ready for love.

The Casting Special of Ready to Love aired this past Friday, and all-new episodes air on Fridays at 9/8c

Ready to Love Series Flyer

So, now that you know what’s good to watch this Fall on TV, especially if you’re into messy– but hella relatable, black love content —

Which show will you be watching first?

Let me know in the comments section and as always, sending love & happiness,

Belle in the City Giselle


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