Love Is Blind on Netflix — A Read

March 4th, 2020, Atlanta, GA / Giselle Ave. Media — Now listen! I am here for this unconventional take on dating, love, romantic relationships and situationships as told to us by the new, unscripted, raunchy, fake but real talk, trending worldwide, binge and cringe-worthy reality TV show on Netflix — Love is Blind!

At first glance, I thought– here we go again. We recently finished watching another Netflix original, The Circle, and realized that maybe Netflix has found a new angle on reality TV.  How so? For starters, the celebrities are created through their appearance on the show, which makes the content way more relatable and engaging. These are everyday people, with a mind open enough to solve their current life problem via an unconventional, reality TV show on Netflix.

Next, Netflix knows their demographic. They knew we would sit down and binge this type of binge-worthy content, then go on social media and talk about it. The digital conversations make the shows twice as big, and twice as fun since viewers can watch the show, at their own pace, then, hop into the show discussions on social media once they are all caught up.

I mean, I get it. It’s the future of reality TV. And they get a five star rating from me when it comes to their latest show, Love is Blind.


Spoiler Alert – They Won.

Congratulations  to the newlyweds: Lauren & Cameron, and Amber & Barnett! The two couples met in their pods on Love is Blind, and made it all the way until the series finale which included a wedding ceremony, exchange of vows, and verbally securing their destiny together as one, by responding with two powerful and magical words:

I do.

Love Is….. Blind?

Love is NOT blind! Well, not from the looks of this show. In fact, love can be pretty petty, vain, and unwilling to tell the entire truth. I loved the show, overall. As a millennial, I know how tough the dating world is. To be honest, my husband and I met online — over a decade ago, then we met online, again, a decade later! The digital world has created a new standard of living and it really requires singles everywhere to have an open mind when it comes to meeting the love of your life in today’s digital landscape. This show, hopefully, inspired viewers to be more open-minded when it comes to winning in today’s dating game. Yes, that includes falling in love in 3 days, tops!

If that’s not your speed, this social experiment also removed the shallow “hook up” culture out of dating because contestants couldn’t even meet their crush until AFTER the groom popped the question! Imagine that. Again, I truly believe love is blind, because you can truly fall for someone just off of your emotional connection. The physical is just as important, especially in marriage, but it doesn’t outweigh the chemistry and bond created through sheer conversation and connection.

I’m happy to see at least two of the hopeless romantic cast members end up married and together. In fact, it looks like this show was filmed in late 2018, so both couples have been together– in real life, for over a year already! 

Amber & Barnett at the Series Finale Screening in Atlanta
Lauren & Cameron at the Series Finale Screening in Atlanta

The Read

Carlton & Diamond

Carlton, now you know! I meant– wow, Carlton, you’re a class act. Honestly, the issue wasn’t that he was bisexual, its 2020, sexuality is fluid for MANY. But, how you just gone leave that part out upon proposing to our girl Diamond? Okay, so maybe her hair install could have been cleaner, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t deserve to hear the truth, upfront. Carlton suggests he was going to tell her at the right time. But you gonna wait until we get all the way to Mexico to give me the real you? That thang got ghetto real quick!

Jessica & Mark

Jessica is what happens when being a girl boss goes wrong. This is my advice to any “girl bosses” out there that think working 70+ hours a week, having a nice house, nice car, nice things, drinking bottomless red wine nightly, and making 6-figures is more valuable than being open to attracting love into your life. I, too, believe in creating your dream life and having the finer things in life but ma’am– you took a L by saying no to someone who was fully committed to being yours, and that someone is our guy Mark.

Yes, Jessica is 10 years older than Mark, but Jessica has/had family issues that delayed her development and maturation in life. It’s totally normal, and happens more often than you think! I can totally relate, but, I knew what I was doing wrong in my own life and I decided to make those changes so I could be happy! It’s called being responsible for your own happiness, because that red wine isn’t going to solve all of your problems.

Mark, on the other hand, comes from a tight knit family unit, which means he is more balanced and mature than the average person at 24. In fact, as a Mexican in America, he also holds onto certain traditions and values that just aren’t as important in traditional American family households. For example, Jessica shared with Mark’s mom that if she was  24, she would be wanting to party and enjoy life! Mark’s mother was married at 18, so she really looked at Jessica like, “Sit down somewhere!”

Kelly & Kenny

No chemistry. Kelly was playing herself, she knew she wasn’t into him. So why not just tell him?

Giannina & Damian

The firecracker Gigi! Okay, I loved her, her fire energy sent me! Yes, I have both Leo/Aries in my natal chart, and I love to see my fire sisters heated, ha! But, I think its good that they didn’t end up married. Damian was too “normal” for Gigi, she needs someone who actually enjoys the fires she starts!

We Love to See It


Overall, this show was so cute! Shoutout to my Facebook Family that also shared their commentary on the show, days after the series premiere! You can read more on this conversation on my Facebook page!

I’m going to be sharing a VLOG on this topic on the Giselle Ave. Vlog so be sure to subscribe and tune in!

So, what did you think of Love is Blind?

Would you go on this type of reality TV show? We hear they’re about to start casting for season 2! The Reunion Episode airs Thursday March 4th, 2020 on Netflix.

In love,

Belle in the City Giselle 


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