Thriving Thirties: A Celebration Fit For A Queen


I am so excited to share my 33rd birthday celebration with my travelers here on Giselle Ave.!


The Look


First, let’s get into this LEWK! I was so excited about bringing my birthday look to life, but quite frankly– I had already manifested it all, I just didn’t realize it until closer to my birthday! What I’ve learned is that most of the time, less is more. I knew my Husband made plans for us to hit the town, so I knew my birthday dress had to serve all the festive vibrations I wanted to create for the evening!

My hair unit was purchased at Private Label Extensions, located here in Atlanta. My unit was then, cut and customized to my liking by my favorite Atlanta hair stylist, Hair by Shug ATL. She is also the owner of Atlanta Hair Delivery, an amazing tech company that delivers high quality, wigs, bundles, and beauty supplies in and around Atlanta!

My makeup artist was none other than Arielle Antoinette, celebrity makeup artist to the stars (such as myself, let’s be honest!) — and Creator of The Official Makeup Kit & Double Makeup Cosmetics. Her beauty studio was so cute and comfortable, my experience was so pleasant and when I looked in the mirror after she finished, I had been transformed into a complete Real Housewife on Giselle Ave. do you hear me?! A complete SLAY!


I bought my birthday dress from a New York based, black-owned clothing company, souk + SEPIA. They specialize in creating original, high stylish items and provide them at a lower rate. I knew this dress was going to make me feel like THE birthday girl, and honestly, I couldn’t help but smile the entire evening, thanks to the Goddess Energy radiating from my dress.

My dress was symbolic of my newfound appreciation of complete balance in my life.

I am healed.

My chakras are balanced, and I have all of my colors.


My shoes and purse? I chose to go clear with the accessories, since my dress was as bright as the rainbow itself! I purchased my Oweisong Clear Box Purse on Amazon, and my vivianly Clear Pointed Toe clear Stiletto Heel sandals, also on Amazon for a great price.

My purse was symbolic of how I was once trapped inside this matrix cube of reality that was presented to us, but upon spiritual alignment, you ascend to the realization that you can live OUTSIDE of the box, and create your own reality and dream life.

It is scary at first, but after a while, life becomes magical.


The style came together perfectly and really shed light on my Nigerian roots, I love it!

Dinner Party for Two

The Climpson’s

Wow, that was my first and only reaction to everything.. WOW! My Husband, Corderius “Awesomeisjayell” Climpson really rolled out the red carpet for us both and created a royal dining experience, fit for a queen! We dined at Buckhead’s Little Alley Steakhouse, the perfect setting for such an intimate dinner experience.

Little Alley Steakhouse

The food was immaculate, the service was exceptional, and the dinner party was a hit! I am the walking embodiment of When A Black Woman Is Properly Loved.

Love is magic, love is real, love is healing. But Just like with anything, you have to believe in order to receive.

The Climpson’s
Little Alley Steakhouse
The Climpson’s
The Climpson’s

Thank you to my AWESOME Husband for everything!

The Climpson’s

Live Your Own Life

I know I usually end with some type of inspirational message to carry you all into the NEW month of August, but I’m here to simply say: live your own life.

Learn to say no, and learn to not care what anyone else thinks when you finally decide to start to choose and love yourself, first.

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee, thank you for traveling on the Ave.


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Author: Goddess Giselle

Welcome to My World of Imagination! I’m Giselle, also known as Goddess Giselle. I’m the Founder and Creator of Giselle Avenue - a space in the metaverse to fully express myself. When I'm not creating here on the Ave. I'm spending time with my loving Husband, Corderius and our long-haired 5 year-old, gray cat -- Mister Sidney. Thank you for traveling, be sure to stop by every page here on the site!

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