Normalize Popping Up Married

All Photography by Lauren Fair via IG

Of course!

This was my first reaction as Issa Rae’s beautiful wedding photos began to flood all over my social media, with commentary ranging from “is this is a joke,” to wait, “is this real, did Issa just pop up MARRIED?”

It’s the drama of it all. In true artist fashion, early this morning, Issa Rae shared photos from her intimate wedding ceremony that took place over the weekend in the South of France.

The Newlyweds, Issa Rae and Louis Diame

The caption Issa wrote from Instagram is what really threw readers for a loop:

Issa’s caption on IG

After careful review, readers concluded that this caption was indeed a troll, and Issa is, in fact, MARRIED.. in real life! She wore a custom Vera Wang dress, and her long-time Beau, Louis Diame, wore a velvet red Dolce & Gabbna tuxedo.

The ceremony was NEW TO US, as readers were hit with complete surprise after learning of Issa’s newly minted status of Wifey — after the wedding.

Honestly, you all know I am here for this. It’s the fact that my Husband and I decided to become one in a similar fashion, by simply sharing our wedding photos to announce that we were already married.

I believe in the age of social media, privacy is more valuable than gold! In a time where almost everything is shared publicly, our life’s most precious moments are better kept off line.

Why not normalize this? Especially when it comes to making a lifelong commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone… It seems like a very private decision in itself!

The real plot twist here is how powerful images can be. Issa Rae has played the role of an insecure black woman that’s a cheater, and loyal to her friends more than she is to her man, then BOOM: she popped up happily married, reporting live from her fairytale wedding in real life.

I love a good love story and complete romanticization of your REAL life! This epic move (also a move from my own playbook) — is a perfect life lesson:

Leave TV/social media in the screen and manifest your DREAM LIFE!

🤍💍Issa … BRIDE!
🥂Congratulations to the Newlyweds, @issarae and her Husband, Louis Diame!

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