2020 Was A Wakeup Call

If the “former” pandemic didn’t inspire you to make some drastic CHANGES in your life, then you didn’t get the MEMO. It’s time to get rid of the OLD and embrace the NEW.

The earth has been in a lower frequency for some time now, a frequency of fear, hate, and negativity.

The ancestors are begging you to wake up from your lifelong slumber of going with the flow….. You Are The Flow!

With the help of the universe, we are now transitioning into a higher frequency of love, positivity, and unity.

Our planet is shifting: from the frequency of fear, to the frequency of love.

This change has been a long time coming and is a much-needed shift in our consciousness. The moon matrix, which has ruled over our planet for so long, is being replaced by the sun matrix. The sun matrix is a more powerful force that radiates love, light, and positivity. The planet will be lead by love, compassion, and unity, rather than fear and hate.

It’s crucial to understand that this shift requires each one of us to actively participate in creating love and positivity in our daily lives.

We must radiate love and be the love we seek in our lives. It’s not enough to wait for others to create a loving world for us. We must individually contribute to this shift in consciousness.

Taking care of ourselves and living a healthy, balanced life is key to contributing to this shift. When we take care of ourselves, we radiate positivity and love, which ultimately creates a ripple effect in our world.

It all begins with us! We must make self-love and self-care a priority in our lives, so we can better serve the world around us.

Why? Because the former energy: this dark, ugly, hateful, racist, jealous, capitalist, impoverished, misfortunate, lying ass society we’ve been surviving in.

Finally, our planet is ready for love.

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