10 Best and Worst Moments from the 2014 BET Awards


June 29th, 2014, Atlanta, GA / Giselle Ave. Media — Tonight was a great night of entertainment from our friends at BET for the 2014 BET Experience at L.A. Live. I really enjoyed the ambiance at the event  and energy from each moment shared via conversations on Twitter. So let’s get right to it– which moments crashed the internet? Which moments could have stayed off the program? Let’s count down the top 10 best and WORST moments of the show!

Top 10 Worst Moments

10. Where was Kermit? 

After all the work he has done this year, I think he deserved an award— at least an honorable mention.IMG_3981

9. Tyrese has been reduced to an intermission performance? 

I would stick to acting going forward, we love Jody!

8. T-Pain hosting the After Party. 

He cannot sit with us.

7. Jennifer Hudson’s Performance.

Wrong song, she’s a ballad type of voice.

6. Keyshia Cole. 

Now we all know she needed a buddy to go on stage with her, she has lost her relevance over the years…

5. Robin Thicke’s plea to Paula.

Cute, but dang, here we go again. ***cues violin

4. Usher’s Comback? 

Or nah… His flashback moment was too quick, he did 1 verse from each track… I mean really.

3. Iggy Azalea. 


Just like black churches, losing track of time and all…..

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z PLAYED US TO THE LEFT! 

The only reason a lot of us watched until the end was to catch their so-called “performance” only to watch a video clip from the On The Run Tour. Um, yeah…..


Top 10 Best Moments

10. Pharrell, I’m Happy Too! 

Pharrell took home a few awards tonight including best male R&B/pop artist and best video for his nationwide hit single,  “Happy.” S/O to Missy Elliot for the live performance too!bet_awards_missy_elliot_pharrell

9. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

Chris Rock passed out Chicken and Waffles to audience members and a nice healthy salad to Rick Ross….we’ll take it!

8. Yolanda Adam’s Performance.  

During the tribute to Lionel Richie, Yolanda Adam’s shared a lovely gospel moment singing Jesus is LOVE! and he really is!!!!!! -Praise Break!

7. Chris Brown’s Performance.

Good music, great dance moves, song that has cued the phrase of the summer… Dope, welcome back Breezy!

6. Chris Rock as the Host.  

A lot of people were throwing shade, saying “he’s not that funny” and attempted to criticize every single joke. Truth is, they’re so used to Kevin Hart they almost forgot who taught Kevin! Y’all have to show some respect!

5. Lionel Richie Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. 

“Talent is a God-given gift, not a category.”

4. August x Chris Brown x Trey Songz.

All women across the world were truly thankful for this opportunity.

3. Nicki Minaj’s Acceptance Speech. 

She writes her own raps. I loved this acceptance speech because I think for once in her career, we finally met the REAL Nicki Minaj. No costumes, no pink hair, no characters— just her raps and her passion for spitting dope bars. Rumor has it the speech was dedicated to Iggy Azalea who was considered to be running Hip-Hop via Forbes magazine  (side-eye).


2. Mention of the 50 Year Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Including a thought-provoking speech from the graceful, Phylicia Rashad along with a tribute to the late and great Ruby Dee and Maya Angelou.

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z PLAYED US TO THE LEFT! 

The only reason a lot of us watched until the end was to catch their so-called “performance” only to watch a video clip from the On The Run Tour. Um, yeah….. Yes this was the best and worst moment of the show!!!!

Jay-Z at home like, I’m supposed to perform?

What did y’all think about the BET Awards 2014?!


Author: Goddess Giselle

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