Countdown to Scandal: The Looks I Want to See in the Mid-Season Premiere



I have a confession to make. Looks around and whispers slowly: I am addicted to Scandal. Whew! So glad I finally got that off my chest. I have been anxiously marking the calendar since its November 20th mid-season finale (the agony!), and I can’t wait for my faves Olivia, Mellie, Jake, and Huck to fill my Thursday-night obsession. Is it January 29th yet?

And while this show has jumped the shark quite a few times (seriously, can Olivia just pick a man already?), one of the many reasons I keep going back is the oh-so-enviable style of Olivia Pope — which even spawned its own Scandal-inspired collection at The Limited. Season three’s wardrobe was all about accommodating Kerry’s growing baby bump, but season four has brought us back to those classic pieces we’ve come to love on our ‘gladiator in a suit’.

Here’s what I hope the rest of the season has in store:

1. A White Coat


Let’s be real. Olivia’s life is anything but serene at the moment but I’m hoping we get to see her take back control in a white coat. You know the kind I mean. The one so crisp and clean that makes it the ultimate wardrobe accent while having an affair with your married boyfriend.


RACHEL Rachel Roy Convertible Zip-Off Walker

2. A Statement-Making Gown


Remember that black and white Rubin Singer gown moment from season three? It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Olivia snatch our edges in a jaw-dropping gown. Don’t you think the wait should be over?


Badgley Mischka Sequin Silo Gown 

3. A Power Pantsuit


The one thing I’m glad season four saw more of was solving cases (the element that made me fall in love to begin with). When Olivia Pope comes sashaying in with her tailored separates, you know she means business, am I right?


Tahari ASL Single-Button Pantsuit

4. An Oversize Handbag


Without a doubt, no Olivia Pope ensemble is complete without a staple designer bag in tow. And though I’m sure her collection of Prada bags is almost as extensive as her wine’s, I’m betting we see more bold colors to showcase her life moving in a more positive light (or here’s hoping). Girl could surely use it!


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Small Carryall Bag, Pink

5. Chic (Yet Appropriate for Crisis-Handling) Gloves


Having become part of Olivia’s wardrobe arsenal, her elbow-length gloves look great with anything and add elegance as she saunters down the White House hallways. You know… to get away with election rigging, frame huge political players, and scare off members of B613.


Gucci Long Leather Gloves

What do you hope to see more of this season? Are you excited for the premiere? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Stylish,

Briea L. Curington

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Author: Briea Curington

A Southern gal with New York dreams, Briea Curington is ready to take the fashion world on by storm. Having never met a pair of stilettos she didn't love, she blends her knowledge of fashion designers with celebrity style critiques and runway trend predictions. When she isn't blogging or working her day job, you can catch her shopping, hanging with girlfriends, or watching Sex and the City reruns - with her phone and Starbucks in tow!

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