Intecoo Panel Series: A Diverse Panel Experience

June 24th, 2016–(ATLANTA, GA)– Success is the most craved asset of the human experience, but where do you start? Here’s where: The Intecoo Panel Series–a monthly event held at General Assembly sharing the hacks, habits and hustle of industry leaders.


Last evening, our guests were empowered with tools to achieve success, while hearing the ugly truth about failing fast and debunking myths of entrepreneurship.

The Panel.

Our diverse panel experience caters to professionals across industries. This month’s panel covered Sales/Marketing, TV/Film and Entertainment, Startups for Consumers, and Tech.


Hacks, Habits & Hustle.


Jacob has 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. As CEO and founder of Electric Republic, a digital content powerhouse– boasting clients such as Karrueche Tran and newly drafted Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliot– York shared insight on what worked then and what works now.

Jacob started his career in the music industry, but when the internet came and disrupted the entire music scene, he was forced to pivot into a new career direction.

The internet changed the entire music industry. The traditional music sharing and distribution game was dying, and I had to find a new direction. — Jacob

Habit:  Jacob encouraged the audience to be genuine when seeking out relationships, the importance of like-minds and lessons on leadership.

I lead from the front. I like hiring people who want to push me out of my job. I keep myself surrounded by sharks. — Jacob



Jason is a Lightning Slinger at Switchyards Downtown Club—which is a cool enough job title to stop right here, but there’s so much more! Jason made it clear that Switchyards is not a “co-working space,” but rather a space designed to create beautiful startups for consumers.

There isn’t a better place in Atlanta to grow consumer & design focused companies. –Jason

Made With Soul in Atlanta #MWSA

Our moderator, Kerry, initiated a lightning debate–(no pun intended) about which is better “freedom or security?” Jason made it clear that actually you can do both! 

What is security anyway?  If you can be creative and entrepreneurial in your job, there is nothing wrong with security! — Jason

Hack: Jason uses the Swipe App to help his with the never-ending to-do list. abe72bd2-3782-4294-9ff8-d80a4f177e3b

Ellaway notes the support of his friends (pictured above) and his father (who was in the audience) as proof that relationships are anchors to staying motivated while following your dreams.

Designate a time for responding to emails, responding to texts, and being social. Be balanced, not busy. — Ellaway

Hustle: Inspiration comes from a myriad of places, Ellaway shared his personal source of constant inspiration:

I listen to a podcast, Brilliant Idiots, by Charlamange tha God. I study his journey of growing up on a dirt road in South Carolina. Today, he is on the #1 Radio Morning show in the nation.

If he can do it after all of that, I know I can too!– Ellaway 


Sana has a diverse background in Sales—ranging from being a buyer for large fashion brands, to selling high-end jewelry. Sana notes finding out your client’s metrics for success as top priority in Sales and Marketing. She also shared insight on the best advice she’d ever received, and it really shook up the audience:

If it’s not making you better, happier, or richer–then stop doing it. –Sana

Hack: Sana also hones in on her morning routine and uses an app called Headspace to practice meditation.

Intelligently COOL.

The Panel Series is a staple event of Intecoo and is also a perfect way to hack your OWN life! How? By taking advantage of the cool things happening in the bustling/growing/young but influential city of Atlanta! We are designing the New Atlanta–one dope ass panel at a time.

Which hack, habit or hustle will you start using today to get your taste of success?


A special thank you to General Assembly, our featured panelists, and growing network of Influencers who continue to support our mission!





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