5 Ways to Mind Your Business in 2018

Handle your business, mind your business.

The end.

This is my mantra for 2018 and my newly adopted eternal mood. This seemingly is a pretty straight-forward concept: handle your own business, mind your own business. In fact, the How To on Living Your Best Life even encourages us to mind our business.

To paraphrase, it simply says:

Learn to be calm, and to conduct your own business, and to work with your own hands… so that you may lack nothing. — Source

Have you ever stopped to read the commentary on a controversial post you saw on Instagram, only to look up and realize you are LIVID — about something that has nothing to do with you? Whether it be social media, group chats, or people who make way more energy withdraws than deposits–we are constantly bombarded with too much information on more about nothing.  Society today inundates us with more and more ways to mind someone else’s business, instead of our own. It’s time to shut everyone and everything up.

It’s time to start pouring all of that energy into yourself so you can get on with your fabulous life.

Case Study

ye 18

If you know me, you know I love Kanye West. I love the Old Kanye, and I respect the New Kanye, because, Kanye. No matter what is going on in the world or on the click-bait media posts shared by the second; one thing is for sure: Kanye is learning how to mind his own business, too.

This image went viral (as with all Kanye-related news) but I viewed it as a man, enjoying his food, and minding his own business. The trolls suggested a thousand theories around the origin of this image, and the gag is: the facts are still unknown. Meanwhile, Kanye is probably minding his own business as I write this post, not giving ANY energy to the trolls. #TakeNotes

5 Ways to Mind Your Business in 2018

Minding My Business
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1. Unfollow everyone you don’t like in real life.

This is a public-service announcement. I mean intentionally, unfollow/unfriend those you don’t like in real life. Then, block those who you want to remove completely out of your life. Trust me, the energy that comes into your body when you see someone you don’t like on your TL just isn’t worth the energy.

2. Get your finances in order. 

Invest. Go crypto if you’re into trending topics. Study value. Find out what you’re worth in the industry you’re in. Pay down debt. Small steps lead to BIG wins. We are in the midst of a seismic shift in the way the world works. Most industries have been abruptly disrupted by new ways to do life and now is the best time to get inside. It’s time to make some real money moves.

3. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for yourself.

This was something that kind of hit me on the side of the head. Especially if you’re a self-proclaimed go-getter. Guess what? Our mind and body have to be in sync. Now at 29, I don’t gym like I did when I was 22, because my lifestyle is not the same. It’s my truth. Learn how to write smart goals you can actually reach.

4. Identify what is wrong. 

No matter how amazing we think we are, we all have room for improvement. But it takes an honest conversation with self to simply find out: what is going wrong. Need to pay down debt? True. Need to tone up? True. Need to be more social and meet more people? False (I’m a socialite). See, this is honest. This is my truth. The problem area is where the most personal growth happens. Get real with yourself, make it your business to identify your weakest areas so you can face them head on, and GROW.

5. Social media is smoking mirrors, they don’t have the answers Sway.

Guess what? It really is smoking mirrors, a whole blur. We get online to literally mind everyone’s business to learn what everyone’s doing. Good news: tip #1 is going to make this tip way easy to adopt. Just, do you. It’s so obvious when you’re forcing content or posting for likes or for some stringent editorial calendar, and it’ just not the wave.

Stop chasing the algorithm, and be dope in real life!

business 18
Giselle, grabbing a Coke, Minding my Business


Which tip will you start working towards today?

Minding my business, as always,

-Belle in the City Giselle 


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Author: Goddess Giselle

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6 thoughts

  1. LOL I enjoyed reading this! I love step one, it literally does work and help you just get rid of the people that just make your blood boil every time you see their face. Might as well delete them!

    I agree that more people need to mind their business! Mostly in the way of just focusing on themselves and not worrying about what everyone else’s next move will be. We get so caught up in these inaccurate perceptions that we begin to doubt ourselves and what we can accomplish if we just put our minds to it. Thanks for sharing!

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