Best of My Roaring 20s, So Far….

It’s ya birthday,

It’s ya birthday,

Bad ______________ contest,


–2 Chainz

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WOW, I am 29—Twenty, fine! This is the last year of my roaring 20s and I’ve learned SO MUCH over these past few years. I’m forever grateful that God saw fit, for me to continue on this journey called life. What a blessing to be able.

THANK YOU GOD, for your continued favor in this life!

Since I evolved into my adulthood via social media–that’s just authentic millennial culture for ya–I thought, it’s only right to share the best of my 20s with my fellow readers! Now of course, I have 364 days to really end this decade with a bang, but birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Too often, we feel out of sync in the now, simply because we fail to recognize the long journey that brought us to this very moment.

So here they are, 29 moments from the best years of my life, so far:


The Best of My Roaring 20s… So Far:

  1. Traveled to New York City, and performed on LIVE TV, with my undergrad dance crew (20). Too bad I can’t find this reel on You Tube, it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today!
  2. Family greeting in New York City (20), Igbo Style, with two of my first cousins, on my dad’s side! This was such game-changer. I finally saw myself, in another persons’ reflection.
  3. Hired a personal trainer, and adopted fitness as a lifestyle (20).
  4. Graduated from The University of Alabama, class of 2010 (21). Such a major milestone, because it really shaped my level of thinking and how I receive the world.
  5. After a year of post-grad depression, moving back to my hometown, and accepting my first “real job,” after college. I decided to write a plan, risk it all, and take my talents to the big city. Next stop: ATL, JAWJA (22).
  6. Started blogging. How else will I share my truth? (22).
  7. Started graduate school at Kennesaw State University (22).
  8. Accepted my first federal job at the U.S. Department of Labor–I’m official now, GS life!
  9. Got my float on in the reality TV bubble: attended casting calls for Bad Girls Club and Real World 29. Served as production assistant for Real World 30, and  casted talent for MTV’s Friend Zone. (23)
  10. Took my first international trip, destination Cancun, Mexico and brought in my 25th birthday with my GIRLSSSS, so perfect! (25)
  11. Paid-off my first car, RIP Vinny the VW Beetle, and purchased my 2nd car. (25)
  12. Graduated from Kennesaw State University, earning my Masters Degree.. I’m for real official now! (25)
  13. Accepted my actual first career-ish role, as a federal contractor at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, working in policy–TOO LEGIT TO QUIT! (26)
  14. Took a girls trip to New York City to witness KeKe Palmer as the first, black Cinderella during Cinderella on Broadway. (26).
  15. Started my first business–Giselle Avenue LLC. I also landed my first paying client a few short months after. (26)
  16. Experienced my first adult relationship: TRAGIC! Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it taught me a lot. SO it’s a best of moment, simply because I was able to experience it. (27)
  17. Lost my best friend forever, my late grandmother, Johnnye Bell Jones. This was the hardest thing I’d EVER experienced, but it really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to really refine my life’s purpose. Amazed that I find optimism even in such a tragic moment such as this. (27)
  18. Took a year-long chill pill, learned more about femininity and the law of attraction. (27)
  19. Started practicing yoga regularly. (27)
  20. Invested in my mental health by seeing a therapist and making mental health a priority as well. (27)
  21. Moved into a loft in the middle of the city. I actually visioned this way back in year 21.. “I want a loft downtown, and have my own PR firm.” Manifestation is real. (27)
  22. Finally met, Giselle. This was life-changing, I finally learned who I was, who’s I was, and why I am. This is a never-ending process, but still. (28)
  23. Witnessed my best-friend’s wedding! So amazing. (28)
  24. Adopted a pet, his name is Mr. Sidney. I’m a pet mom now. (28)
  25. Attracted my dream job! I serve as a contractor in the Office of the Director of Communication, at the CDC, managing content for a new website trying to reach Millennials… this is literally a perfect fit! (28)
  26. Traveled to Los Angeles, CA with my aunt, I was a first-timer… it was perf! (28)
  27. Celebrated the union of my oldest sister, and her husband at their I-Do BBQ! Creating a new legacy for the next generation of #JohnnyeBellsCrew I have a brother now! (28)
  28. Started putting myself first, living my truth, and loving on myself…experienced the ultimate glow up. (28)
  29. Created an ENTIRE PLAYLIST ON APPLE MUSIC that celebrates my current mood in life!

    Seriously, click the image below to stream now!! (29)






Year Twenty Fine: I’m claiming this year as the ultimate glow up:

I know who I am.

I know what I WANT.

I am a great leader and I lead others to their greatest selves.

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I am an unapologetic, overachiever.

I am a brilliant communicator.

I am cheerful, joyful, and optimistic.

I am a pleasure to be around.

I am infinite wisdom.

I am wise counsel.

I produce endless joy.

I am the light.

I am business-savvy.

I am now creating, a magnificent life.


Cheers to 29!

Your favorite Belle in the City,


P.S. I am accepting virtual birthday seeds of bountiful love, well-wishes, and plentiful years of wealth, health, abundance, and wisdom—sow a seed here!

Seeds of Love Sowing Options:



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